VESC FAQ | Connect two VESC via CANBUS for dual motors

Any idea where I can find these jst ph canbus connectors with 4 pins from EU?

I have a spare one I can send you on monday from sweden if you pay postage

Sent you PM

any answer to this? was this an enertion vesc?

do i have to power 2 vesc to do that or only one of them?

If you short the CAN bus, it will destroy U401 (can bus transceiver) on both vesc. U401 tends to die short, putting the buck converter in to an OVC (over current state)… result, no leds on both vesc.

solution: replace U401, DO NOT try to solder directly on to the CAN bus, no mater how good you think your soldering skills are, if the wires touch, silent death for U401.

Do it proper and make a cable:

you need 2 JST PH housing

2 pre-crimped JST PH wires

I’m also having problems with this thing had the CAN bus destroyed on both and got replaced with this IC

Now when I check that CAN Fwd after connecting from the Master and set the CAN ID to 1(Slave’s can id) It just disconnects from the BLDC tool. Also nothing manages to sync

What should I do?

Is there a good way to check if the can bus ICs are good?

Maybe you have send status over can enabled on both vescs. This was the problem for me when i tried to connect to the second vesc over can fwd.

Actually I’ve confirmed that it’s not several times and still…

Did you double check the have different IDs?

Yes (just filling it up so I can post it)

Doesn’t sound good to me…

Please elaborate. I’m having a similar problem: 2-motor setup connected via can bus working fine and suddenly the slave went dead. The can bus tested fine.

As a work around, I split the remote signal which now goes to both VESCs and got both motors working again.

got same pb this summer with the v6 beta,… under bldc mode, the slave dead some times (1 time every 10 ride approx. ). I notice that it happened after stop (or long stop), want to start up and … hummm it feel less powerefull sudently ! I turn it off and on and is good, sometime it do nothing … and rework after 2 or 3 times switching … I have report that this summer when it happened but no feedback about that … I upgrade the fw and now I doesn’t happened seens a while … Try to reput and reconfigure your setup maybe if it happened again. Sorry for the poor help :blush: Good luck !

If you are connected with canbus and you get a fault on the slave vesc would you see this in the app if Uart is connected to the master?

And if i write in terminal “faults” will it search for faults just on the master or both?

@chaka I have 2 mayteck vesc and cannt used the BLCD tool,so I was sent one mayteck tool,I connect t he can bus only one motor spin so i used a Y connector cause I dont have any clue will it cause and damage to my vesc.

@chaka is not on here anymore technically he posted something about it around Christmas time because Ollie Boards was so busy.

@briman05 do have any idea about my problem please ?.

Will it not connect to the computer? I’m not understanding what the issue is. It could be that the firmware on your version of bldc tool is not compatible with your vesc

Maybe my vesc is from mayteck and she said I should use vesc tool but I can’t connect my vesc with the can bus cable it don’t work so I am using a Y connector