VESC FAQ | Easy VESC Configuration in Windows / Mac for Noob

So, my VESC didn’t come with a micro usb cable and i dont think ive seen one in 5 years… Is it a bad idea to replace it with a mini usb from an old android phone? Or should i find the right cable?

I think you’ve got those flipped, it uses a mini and Android’s have used micro.

Besides that, no definitely do not replace it. You’re risking damaging the vesc before you ever even get to use it.

It also uses a mini because it’s a very robust connection to the PCB. It’s just in general stronger, which is important for an expensive device that could be effectively bricked for the end user if they don’t have a way of fixing it.

Just get the right cable. they’re more common than you might think, plenty of Arduino based boards use it, and just DIY electronics in general. Some even use usb B type connectors.

Okay so I’ve got 18 volt, the negative of the battery going to the negative of the vesc and the vesc plugged into the computer but there are no option coming up under “port” and the auto connect feature won’t work either…