VESC FAQ | Firmware Upgrade Guide - Windows & OSX

Lots of people are having problems upgrading the firmware of the VESC. Loading firmware can be confusing, this is mostly due to the incompatibility between the hardware versions, firmware version & BLDC tool versions.

WARNING: Loading the incorrect firmware can permanently damage the VESC. If you have doubts about how to upgrade firmware do not proceed. Hardware failures due to bad firmware installation may not be covered under manufacturer’s warranty.

NOTE: It is important to ensure you use the version of BLDC tool that matches the version of VESC firmware. Upgrading one without the other will likely cause problems.

If you have a newer version of BLDC tool on your computer that is not compatible with your older VESC firmware you may see this warning message instructing you to upgrade your firmware.

Thanks to @trbt555 we now have a simple step-by-step guide.

  • Download the latest compatible BLDC & Firmware Version (currently FW2.7 FOC)
  • Connect VESC to reliable power supply.
  • Connect the VESC to USB and let BLDC tell you the firmware is old (above warning message)
  • Go to firmware tab, select “choose”
  • Navigate to folder, example: “firmwares 2.7 FOC” and then the folder for your hardware version written on your VESC
  • Select “default.bin”
  • Update the firmware

How can I determine which hardwareversion is compatible with what firmwareversion?

In the firmwares folder, there are different folders for different hardware versions. Pick the folder that corresponds to your hw version.

Nice thanks I always saw 3 versions in the folder and default was one of them. I will try it out.

Where do i get the firmware folder

The files that get downloaded contain a read me file with a url to download the latest firmware. But the urls do not work.