VESC FAQ | Regen Braking Configuration BLDC tool & Brake Force

Does VESC monitor the actual battery charge? If the battery is full and you try to charge it with 4 Amps, it might damage it.

does it charge via the xt60 connectors?

I have the same question. But it would make sense to me to devide it, if you have a dual vesc.

Did you ever get an answer on your question? I’m wondering the same

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As long as the connectors on the end of the phase wires don’t touch each other closing the circuit, there will be no resistance between the wire and the magnets. I believe it is safe to roll with the phase wires disconnected and secured so they don’t short out.

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Thanks, but I ment your regen question. If -12a is set with single setup. Should it be -6 with dual setup?

Yes, but this is a personal preference, you have to try a few combinations to see what you like better

The truth is, any charge current that has sufficient braking force is already too much to the small battery’s that most of us use (3P) but since there is currently no alternative we have to live with it, since we brake for only a short period it may have little influence on the cycle life of the battery

That’s way boards like @Mellow have a integrated braking resistor, the excess energy goes there and is converted to heat

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My bms and battery are rated for 20a charge so I run -10 per Vesc on dual. I could run -20a on single.

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Thanks! Ten

I didn’t read the whole thread but is it the case u can up the motor regen to whatever, (maybe 100 amps and maybe hardware r software limited?) And that increases brake power but not true regen And the battery regen to whatever u think your batteries are capable of and thats the real regen? Are the two speed dependent similar to motor n battery amp settings? Or are the two regens interchangeable w same results ?

@Pedrodemio @onloop @Iceni hi good,I finish my skateboard but when going down slopes some time it doesn’t brake,can anyone please tell me why and some time when on it will move without me touching the remote.

Do you have a BMS? Is your battery fully charged? What battery do you have? Post a picture of your min/max battery vesc settings

I am using Bsm I just plug my chargers in but it’s only showing green,and the battery is showing 28% volts don’t know what’s the problem

That’s how I set I am using 2 vesc

That battery regen is way too high

Do you have the app setting for current/watts with brake?

What do you recon it should be ?

@jebe no I don’t have one

I connect my BSM like this

the control setting I meant, for the ppm control setup in the vesc tool.