VESC FAQ | When to use low voltage - VESC Configuration

Yeah, anything over 8 volts should be fine.

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So the VESC will detect the motor fine with only 2A? :slight_smile: Doesn’t the motor pull more than that

Not usually. You want to be sure the motor is not under any load during detection.

Okay, thanks a lot guys

The power supply might shut off if you hit the brakes during transmitter configuration so keep that in mind if you lose power during setup. Usually you will need to unplug the PS from the wall and plug it back in to get it to reset if this happens.

okay so im reading all about VESC’s and how to config them. Im buying mine from Diy’s with pre installed software. Do i need to power it up with a lower voltage? or can i just wire everything and just plug in the usb to my pc? thanks

I would ask dexter about that. I am not sure what kind of testing he does on his units. Always a good idea to run low voltage for testing anyway. Much less aggressive than running detection at higher voltage.

@chaka Hi, I’m new to this thing. Was wondering for the first time when powering up my VESC, you recommended a 12v basic lead acid battery. I currently have a 12v 45ah lead acid battery and I was wondering if it’s too much to do a first-time power up? The box writes 45A continuous discharge, and if any further info helps, it’s a Sebang SMF NX100-S6S. Also, would a 4s 8000mah 15c lipo stick do the trick as well?

I have actually been rethinking this. If your VESC is questionable you can use a pair of 9v alkaline cells in series and you will be much safer.


@chaka thanks for taking the time to spell this out for everyone. I’ve really walked away with a wealth of knowledge that will save me some pain when detecting my motor for the first time. Anyhow, I’ll be building receiving my VESC in the next coming weeks and I wanted to confirm with you that the 9v in series would be safe for first power up of the VESC. Thanks again for the awesome post :sunglasses:

It is enough to power it but they dont push enough amps to run motor detection.

If you purchase a vesc from us you don’t need to worry about using full system voltage on the first go. We load test every VESC we build.


Thank you sir!

Hello, I bought 4.12 Vesc from enertion. I have 10s battery. Can I connect my battery with Vesc for the first time?

If you don’t have any other low voltage supply, you might be able to get away with it. Just make sure you visually inspect you VESC for any solder bridges and anything of the like. Also, make sure you double and triple check you BLDC tool configurations before running anything…

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yes, that low voltage thing doesn’t apply to any modern vesc that already has firmware installed. This is a very popular misconception. You will be fine. Just make sure you have right VESC settings when setting up your particular motor and run the detections required prior to riding.

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hey guys just got my foc in the mail today, im intending on running 6s lipos in series to power a 260kv motor. i dont want to kill this thing, im reading the walk through thread now but could use some help and advice in getting to my first ride thanks ! also would like to run foc mode :smiley:

I have been riding my board on 6S with my Enertion Vesc for a long time. I recently upgraded my batteries to 9S and when I plugged in the batteries on the bench the vesc blinked red and I got a DRV8302 fault.

When I rebooted and plugged in my 6S batteries the vesc performed fine as if nothing happened. Can anyone help with this? Are there any specific settings I need to change to support 9S? I don’t want to break my $100 Vesc.

If you put your Input Voltage too low, you wont be able to use higher batteries with the old settings. Pls post Screenshots

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On a different forum:

Did you upload fresh Firmware and tried again?