VESC FAQ | Windows Version of BLDC tool

Download this file to Install the BLDC Tool on your Windows PC.

This link will stay updated with the latest compatible BLDC tool & firmware version.


I installed this today for the first time, it is really very EASY!

This is excellent news @onloop ! It even makes it possible to upgrade\flash the firmware using the Windows tool (assuming that feature works in this implementation). This should open up VESC as an option for many more folks.

I downloaded this file. i somehow found the application but i dont think my computer is recognizing the drivers any explanationsand how do i know its connected? . …also wut are the factory settings for the vesc from enertion do you know i have the October version i need to configure low voltage mess up a battery today and i need to tweek some settings… videos on this stuff is all super techy talk to me if i can jus access the vesc i probably could figure a lot out myself… also its a lot of diffrent files in download. i ran vcp i think is there any thing else that needs to be ran to make it work

where is the windows 2.4 download? all I see is 2.3

Hmmm only the Linux 2.4 is done? 2.3 had a lot of bugs and was scrapped i thought jacob said.

It’s not done. It say’s 2.4, but it’s not. When you download it you’ll end up with 2.3.

Gotta say, I’m pretty stoked right now that I waited 4 weeks for something with a 2 week lead time only to find out that I cant do anything with them.

Not to say that Chaka isn’t great with customer service. He is. The VESCS look great! (on my bookshelf)

Elkick said on my build thread he has 2.4 so the linux version must be done?

Gotcha…I have windows. Tried to download ubuntu but don’t have a disc. Hence why I tried to download it…but it says I need a disc. Retarded.

@psychotiller If anyone you know has windows, use Microsoft’s iso to usb utility to create a usb with windows on it.

Thanks for being patient @psychotiller, I hope it was worth the wait.

We are finally hitting our stride and keeping up with production inventory so I do not expect anymore delays. If everything goes well we will be able to ship same day in a few weeks but word is getting out about the zero failure rate on my builds so that may not last long.

I also want to give a big thank you to all our customers. You have helped our little boardshop expand into electronics manufacturing and we will soon be making every bit of electronics needed to build an eboard with the same quality and reliability as our VESC builds.


hmmm my antivirus says this file is a virus X_x

Which file @kai? Ubuntu?

The file on the top of this topic… i dont know why. The windows bldc. I dl’ed the one on endless sphere with no problems.

Can I get a link where you downloaded that?

I tried this one originally and it said it was for windows 2.4 but turned out to be 2.3. No virus though. Chaka ended up linking me to an ubuntu download and I installed it next to windows on my laptop. Once it learned how to dumb itself down to my level, it wiped the drool from my chin and set up my Vesc’s.

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Maybe my anti virus is just dumb. But this is the one that worked for me. my antivirus wouldnt even let me download this one at all. It kept deleting the file imediately

This is what I use. No viruses. Might have to disable your antivirus before installing.

Yeah that one wouldn’t work for 2.4 and up.

It still says 2.3 on the forum but gives you 2.5