one thing I do know is it’s “difficult” for a controller to spin a motor from a standstill without sensors… this is partly because it uses the back emf voltage produced by the spinning rotor magnets to “know” the rotor position & which phases to energize & for timing exactly when to commutate… so without sensors or back emf voltage from a spinning rotor, my understanding is at standstill the controller “blindly” energizes phases in sequence in an attempt to get the rotor to turn so that it will generate back emf voltage which then gives it the timing information for subsequent commutations… if the load is too great or not enough back emf voltage is produced to get a good rotor position reading while it’s “blindly” energizing phases at start-up, perhaps it generates a DRV error. this is just a theory, hope it helps.

I’m having this EXACT issue with a brand new setup. 10s4p Li ion with a 10s BMS VESC and a 6364 190Kv motor. It also hits full speed at half throttle…

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