Vesc fault_code_drv help

Hey so I have been running my setup for about 2 weeks now with probablly about 10 miles on it. And recently my vesc has been reporting “fault_code_drv” I built a custom remote from a wii nunchuck similar to a lot of examples out there with nrf and arduino. I have been having issues with the remote dying on me because of a short I believe and am working to fix it. So i was about 1/2 mile away from my house when the remote died on me, no surprise here. And so I walked it back but there was a hill so I decided to just jump on the board with the battery unplugged and cruise down the hill so I wouldn’t have to walk. I have ridden it before with no power and had no issues.

Could the motor create enough current as a generator to blow my vesc? I know with the old vesc tool you could limit the amount of current from an input, but with the new tool there isn’t an option so I guess I just didn’t think of it. Is it practical to try and replace the drv chip or is there probally other componets blown too?

I am kinda less concerned on fixing it and more on undestanding why this happened so I can avoid it in the future!

Let me know if you have any thoughts. Patrick.

Like actual trampa vesc? Or other?

I think it could be a short from the motor wires (touching each other) o a loose bullet connector, a short could easily damage the Vesc, but if you have all the connectors checked, the fault my go away…Unless DRV it is broken for good…

From what I know about DRV faults:

-its possible that there were some bad settings that led to the component failing. -vibrations can loosen the smd soldered component and cause issues, or cause things to short -lots of brake can weaken the longevity of the component??(not sure but maybe)

The DRV can be ordered from texas instruments and replaced with using a reflow air solder machine. Its very difficult to do correctly without the proper experience. I fried my pcb attempting to fix it. About $100 in parts and electrical consumables without paying for the equipment. Probably just best to order a new vesc

I have the equipment and decent experience with soldering smd components. But not too much experience with vescs themselves that’s why I was asking if there is any other components that would need repair as well. I did notice one of the 6 mosfets seem to have gotten real hot because the heat shrink around it was shrinking to it’s shape.

Anyway, I ordered a new vesc, I just don’t want it to happen again.

Looks like your DRV got blown due to a brown out. It’s not a good idea to disconnect the battery and then jump on the board because, as you know, the motors are generators themselves. Then there’s also the issue of back-emf. Please do keep the erpm limit in mind.

So what settings should I limit next time that will help prevent this. Thanks.

Don’t go over the erpm limit and always keep the battery connected.

Is the erpm limit fixed?

Anyone in the game of replacing the DRV chip on a Maytech 4.12 ? I can supply the part, but I don’t have the skills or the tools. Preferably in South Pacific with shipping costs that need to match the alternative of a FSESC at $46 on AliX.