VESC fault looking for someone to repair

Hello, looking for someone who can repair a VESC, I think its a bad DRV chip

4.12 VESC

Where’s it from?


The thing about that VESC is that it’s a HUGE liability. And his warranty only replaces one. Get a full refund and put that towards a @chaka VESC. He repairs and has a bomb warranty.

I tried reaching out to @chaka last week with no response.

@chaka won’t repair if this is not is VESC

Hey @Jorge351c sory for the lack of response, having a really busy few weeks. Johnny is right, we only service products we sell. Your best bet would be to find a repair technician to handle this for you.

I totally understand, at least i know where to go for when I decide to do dual setup

So is the motor and motor mount i bought from diyelectric crap too?!?

Seems to be a major issue. I constantly see drv chip failures. Im surprised I don’t see more escs made by esc manufacturers.

Motor mount is great actually. Make sure you put the heat shrink in to wedge in place.

I was wondering what that was for… why doesnt this stuff come with directions

My only complaint with ( is his VESCs and policy on them. You’re really just throwing away $100 and possibly getting injured by putting it on your board.

Would love to give it a look and replace the DRV, and resolder the rest… but geographically it dosnt seem like a good idea

Dude - seriously it says right on his site that the $99 VESC is no-frills & no-warranty. I have 3 VESCs from him w/ no issue so far.

And his mounts and wheel gears are A W E S O M E. Between those (v3 and v4), and Enertion’s (simple and beautiful too) - i go with either depending on deck fitment (how much adjustment needed, and alum vs CF for heat transfer/heatsink). His wheel gears are the best IMO. Alum not plastic like new enertion, no cutting of trucks needed, and now has 36 and 40t options for those of us who like big ass wheels (90mm+).

@Carvin_Ginger - if you filed a claim for his VESC - when it’s clear it’s no warranty when buying - that’s some shady shit.

i agree with you @sl33py

there may be a problem with my set up, this is my first build… i have the following: 6374 230kv 3 5000mah 3s batteries in series anti spark on/off 13/36 gear ratio 83mm wheels wii nunchuck remote

watched all the videos and did alot of reading… I am almost certain the setting in the BLDC tool are correct

Hey Jorge! You are in Oceanside - a buddy of mine moved there just a few years ago! I sent him back with an eboard a few months ago (came up to Seattle via RV w/ family). You guys should meetup and ride when you get this sorted!

What’s your BLDC errors showing for the DRV chip?

@sl33py … sounds good, not sure how much your friend knows about building eboard but two minds are usually better than one.

the code is DRV8302

His VESCs, the latest batch, are garbage from what I can tell from my experience and recent posts. His attitude is that if the VESC doesn’t work, it’s user fault only. “No frills” does not mean non workin VESC. I filed a claim for a refund on a product that did not work properly.

@chaka is the way to go. Enertion is ~$160 with warranty, and you need the warranty.

Didn’t you say you sold it for parts and got Chaka’s VESC? You didn’t return it when you filed a claim? So he can’t repair/reuse and is going to lose all $ from this if your claim is successful? That’s rough on a small business. Correct me if i’m wrong?

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But you didn’t return it, sold it when broken, then are pursuing a refund from paypal which would mean you didn’t pay for it, and actually made $ for what you sold it for?

Hmm - that seems pretty F’ing shady to me. Hopefully @Torqueboards sees this and can provide to paypal - good luck with the refund!

I’m a huge fan of Chaka/Ollin board’s VESC’s! He makes a great VESC, but i have VESCs that were hand made by Ben and died… shit happens. MTBF will always bite you in the ass at some point, and i’ve killed a couple VESCs bench testing (don’t hammer hard accel/braking repeatedly on 12s). But i’m also learning how to replace the DRV chip with a hot air reflow setup. Not actually that hard.

If you are going to DIY w/ beta hardware you should own repairing it yourself, eating the $ for another, or buying a warranty. If you can’t replace a DRV chip and go for “No frills, affordable VESC with no warranty.” then you are accepting the risk.

My best advice for VESC longevity (until v6 maybe) is don’t go “bleeding edge” 12s, FOC, or close to the 60k ERPM limit if you can help avoid. I run most of mine on 8s, and no issues w/ around 1-1.5 years on the oldest (hw 4.7 1.13fw).