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VESC Field Configuration

I carry a lot of things with me whenever I go for a ride (set of tools, extra set of batteries, belts, etc.).

Recently, I started carrying a tablet as well (Asus Transformer Book T100) for if or when I need/want to configure my VESC. I also have a USB cable connected to the VESC and routed externally. The way I did it is temporary.

Now, I’m just curious to know if anyone else out there does the same thing.

Why do you feel the need to be able to configure on the go? What is the advantage?

Since I just got the VESC, I’ve been playing around with some of the numbers as well as FOC.
I didn’t want to change settings and leave only to come back and change more settings.

Though, having used the VESC for a bit now, I do find it kind of pointless to configure on the fly.
Just wanted to know if anyone else did it.

Hey bro…not meant as a negative comment…really an insight on what it takes to own a VESC …

Because for me…once I power up the board and gone…I ain’t messing with it unless there is a problem. And when I do mess with it…I do it back home in the corner of my garage…

As for a non vesc user … All this stuff you guys do seems frankly a pain in the behind … If you don’t tweek the VeSC is something gonna break?

Inquiring minds want to know :thinking:

Are you just using a different ESC? Just asking is all.

The only thing I sweat about with the VESC is hardware issues, but even then that’s a non-issue. Atleast for me that is.

Configuring it is simple. It’s almost like playing around with an Arduino, but easier since you don’t have to deal with code.

Not trying to get you to switch to VESC, but giving my thoughts.
I, too, was a non-VESC user afraid of what was to come.

I love tweaking things
So I’m waiting forJacob’s app to make adjustments from my phone,
I already have a computer in my pocket might as well use it.
Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long

I’m holding off on getting a Vesc because of some of the hardware issues…and the care you must take in setting up and all that jazz…

It isn’t like it isn’t the most hunted esc of all time…it’s wanted for a reason…but I still need to keep following what some of you guys do and see the benefits of switching over … Plug and play has its appeal in certain cases

I have my laptop taped to my board permanently. I don’t know how you guys live without. There is only one way to costumise and that is going all the way!

Just a little duck tape and you are golden.


Lol you have a sickness lol