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Vesc firmware update? Can't connect to the pc

How do I download what I need to? I don’t want to destroy them. I see the firmware spot just do t know what to put in

I can’t get the green light connection between the vesc and pc

If u got motors from me…8 pairs went out yesterday and these other 8 will go out tomorrow. That’s everyone except elkick No o e likes the clear wheels but me

Nice! Are we all getting Orangatang Kegel Orange? @jacobbloy made a video which showed how to configure the vesc including putting firmware on it.

Regarding the connection between the PC and VESC, have you got the right com port?

I just chose com4. Worked before. Then sent them back to Chaka for repair and he said it has the boot loader and I just need to download the firmware. Which one though?

I’ll check Jacobs video but was hoping for a quick answer without having to learn anything

Most are orange but I have some others. If u want a color tell me again please because I’m overwhelmed.

hey mate if you need any help with BLDC TOOL please just let me know!

i have had a few ppl with issues of drivers causing interference.

also the latest version of bldc tool will put the vesc up the top of the drop down list.

if you still can’t connect please go into device manager and look for any devices that have yellow ! marks, if you do and its called stm virtual com port or chibios maybe even just saying e.g. COM4 then you have a driver issue.

but i also see that you are using a very old version of bldc tool.
here is the link for the latest the benefit of using the latest version is it will auto install the drives that are needed when the application is installed.

you have my email if you need any more support!
P.S it wouldn’t be chukka’s vesc he makes a greta quality unit and insures the boot loader is installed

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Cool thank u Jacob…going to bed now but tomorrow is the day I’ll be figuring it out. Almost everything u write is foreign to me though. I don’t know what u mean by yellow. I started watching ur video and I’ll finish it later I guess. I have version 5.10. I go to the firmware part and then search my computer for things I can download there and I’m unsure of what I can download safely. There’s FOC 2.7? Or will I blow up.

I’m happy with the orange. Looks sick.

sorry a (yellow triangle exclamation park) and i would suggest the firmware 2.16 it is the latest this is the link to the firmware file.

If you click on the refresh button next to “connect” it will detect the correct port for you.