Vesc Firmware update failure

I have a Vesc with the hardware number 4.12. I’m using this version of BLDC tools

I try to upload the Firmware File “VESC_Ackmaniac_Mod_2_54.bin” just like the guide suggests But when I do my Vescs disconnects and wont reconnet unless I unplug and then reconnect the powersource. I cant seem to get it to work. Usually I stick to lurking but this left me clueless and searching the forum doesnt bring anything useful up either.

Where did you buy your vesc… it look like you don’y have the bootloader inside.

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e-greenmotion, Holy crap thats compicated. Time to learn linux I guess…

E-greenmotion is rebranded Maytech VESCs and Maytech VESCs doesn’t have a bootloader for some stupid reason.

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Actually I like that they don’t - makes choosing a reputable seller easier and shows who skimped on the VESC :wink:


Well, but you only learn it after someone fell into the Trap.

This happened to me, i tried different usb cables, the vesc likes different usb cables for some reason. Next, if you look at your pic, on the top right corner you’ll see a tab that says (COM3). try changing it to (COM5). Thats what i did with both my vesc on 2 eboards and is working good now. Try this first before downloading bootloader.

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like @rwxr said, they sell them without bootloader. So get an Stlink V2 and follow the upload procedure. Some impressions here:

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Thanks for linking this @TarzanHBK - @Mox it’s a lot easier to install a bootloader w a “normal” programmer. I ended up with a weird one and needed help deciphering the abbreviations on the pins, which @chaka was kind enough to help me with.