Vesc firmware update problem

Hey I am trying to update my maytech vesc(3.56, vesc tool refuse to work with it till I update it). It tells that the supported firmware is 3.57. Can’t find that firmware anywhere. Where can I find it?

Thanks in advance; Ron

You do not need to look for files. The vesc tool will find them.

When I do that it like fails to update it and and the vesc stays at 3.56… What is the problem? Maytech vesc 50a

that is the error I get: Serial port error: The I/O operation has been aborted because of either a thread exit or an application request

Did you wait at least ten seconds after firmware download? If you did and the firmware is not upgrading you have the same problem I had not so long ago. Only st-link can solve it in that case. Do you know how to flash it? If you do not know there’s a few threads about it.

This is how mine looks:




useful links:

I will check this out. Thanks a lot!