VESC | First time VESC configuring some questions

Hey all,

I bought myself a VESC and hooked it up to my PC and configuered it as best as I could. However I’m scared to death I made a mistake and end up blowing my precious student money so therefore I’d like to ask some of the Vescterans (pun intended) to maybe look at it and tell me if I did something wrong.

My battery: 6s2p My motor: SK3 320KV

My configuration:

Im stoked to get my first ride in with the VESC! Thanks in advance :smiley:

Your battery max should be lower or at least equal to your motor max. Try 50 battery max and 60 motor max. Your maximum input voltage should be 57V. Set your battery cutoff start to 21.6 and your battery cutoff end to 20.4 And show Screenshots of the bldc, advanced and the controller settings tabs.

Thanks you good sir! I changed the things you said. Here is the advanced tap:

I didn’t dare to change any since the YT tutorials from torque said not to bother if you’re a noob like me.

You need to upgrade your firmware because you have the bug where max current ramp step parameter gets multiplied each time you write the settings. Search in the forum for that parameter name, then you will find more information how to upgrade the firmware.

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Will do thank you so much!

The max current ramp step should be 0.04