VESC first time

Small question about using the vesc for the first time. Can I just install it in the board without hooking it up to the pc first and just ride? Does it come with good default values?

I will have the space cell pro 3, the vesc and a single sk3 6374 192kv


Technically speaking yes you could. Should you? No. Your braking won’t be set too well, the voltage limits are likely out and your PWM signal will likely be out too. Along with your motor detection results. It’s pretty simple once you’ve read up on it a little :slight_smile:

Edit: Should note you could break your VESC or even yourself if you do this


As @racidon said, The VESC is incredibly easy to set up using BLDC tool and at this point there are numerous videos showing you how to properly set it up. Spend 30 mins to an hour searching this website as well as using youtube to learn how to do it. I have the exact same setup as you and so do many others.

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Is it not alarming that this question was asked? How does someone think a vesc is a good choice when they obviously just want plug and play? Is it being marketed correctly by vendors?

It is I don’t fear looking it all up. I just have some pc problems, that is all :slight_smile: Will try to bother some friends then.

Also i don’t have a lipo to power the vesc. A 12v lead acid battery is fine too? Got this from an old security system. It was the backup battery.

Thx for the answers guys!

Why is it alarming? It could have been ok just by default no? I know in the past with my race drone esc’s that this was the case, hence the question.

Drone ESCs are plug and play, mostly because they don’t contain the bulk of the logic, the flight controller does all of that. The VESC basically has a flight controller built in, and so it needs more configuration, like what you would do with Cleanflight.

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Didn’t think that far :slight_smile: The flightcontroller is indeed the brain. Thx!

Might be a good idea to mention where you bought the VESC from

I bought it from enertion