VESC Flashing Pink, I Need Help!

Hello! I am completely new to skateboard building and all the necessary knowledge. I just unboxed my VESC and I plugged it into my batteries, which are a set of three 2s 5000 mAh li-pos. Weirdly, my VESC glowed blue for a moment, then started blinking pink in sets of two blinks. Also, I am using a Torqueboards 6355 190kv motor, which I plugged into the VESC, will not spin when I try to run the motor detection test. I am using the latest firmware for the VESC and I am using the VESC BLDC tool too. I cant find a solution :frowning: please help! Thanks

Did you flash the firmware? Are you sure you flashed the one for 4.12 HW?

yes, I did (I have no more replies because I am a new user so I have to wait 19 hours before I can talk again :frowning: ) sorry everyone, ill just have to tackle this problem tomorrow sometime, but feel free to post if you have any thoughts :slight_smile:

Did you leave all the settings at default? If you changed the voltage range that may cause it to do this.

You can check for faults in the terminal. Follow this thread here.

Please upload some photos of your setup and screen caps of your settings and it will help us find the cause of the issue. :+1: :skateboard:

here are the pics of my setup (sorry about the glare) skate%201 skate%202 skate%203 skate%204 and my settings skate%205 skate%206 this is the answer I get when I run the motor detection skate%207 skate%208 and when I type fault in the terminal:skate%209

First off, on the battery settings, Change the drop down to reflect Lipo, not li-ion

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Try raising I from 5A to 10A when you run detection and increase the duty cycle from 0.05 to 0.10, see if that helps.

Also, those current settings are too high to start with. Try 50A, -40A, 30A, -10A to start with and adjust from there if it’s too weak or strong.

“Motor Current Max Brake” is brake strength at lower speeds and “Battery Current Max Regen” is brake strength at higher speeds.

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skate%2011 Is my motor current supposed to be that low? Also, wtf I have 6.3 volts going in. Thinking I was given 2 flat batteries. Boo Hobbyking USA

changing the I and duty cycle do not work. Also, the li-ion drop-down does not work either, when I click on it no drop down drops down. It just highlights in blue

According to your voltage cutoff the vesc won’t do anything under 18v. If your getting only 6v then that’s why. What’s the voltage after fully charged.

Also if you really had 6v your batteries are damaged. :persevere:

Can you measure with multi meter just before the vesc?

Edit. Or you have a parallel harnes instead of series? Can get a photo of the adapter between batteries and vesc?

skate%2013 The batteries are connected to the VESC via two 4mm series connectors, then to a 4mm bullet to XT90 connecter that runs to the VESC.

The measurement from the multimeter is indeed about 6.5V, same as the VESC tool. :frowning:

What if you measure each battery individually? A B C

If each is 6.5v then you should get 6.5 X 3 = 19.5v

Something is weird though. The storage charge of each cell should be around 3.8v X6 = 22.8v Your best case scenario is 19.5 / 6 = 3.25v which is quite low for lipo. I think one or more of your batteries is over discharged. Can you check each cell individually with your charger or multi meter on the balance plug?

You have two 2s series harnesses, but I’m a little confused to how you hooked it up, hard to tell like this. Can we see a photo of them hooked up, no need to connect the yellow xt90.

Your wiring should look like this. image


Hey @jojamcha did you get anywhere investigating your issue?