Vesc from Aliexpress?

I found this Maytech VESC on Aliexpress and I’m just wondering if can use the BLDC tool with this one, and can I just download the BLDC tool from the web? What are your thoughts on this?

Link to the VESC:

Just a normal MayTech VESC…it might be delivered without uploaded firmware, just ask the vendor about it…you can also buy one from ebay a little bit cheaper, but as I said in case of MayTech VESC, always make sure that it comes with a firmware unless you are able to upload it yourself…

Okay, I didn’t know that, thanks

Why don’t you get the @torqueboards one, it’s cheaper and more reliable

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It is from the United states and i live in Denmark so with taxes and everything it would be quite expensive

Just ask them to declare smaller value so it can pass custom services…however if you buy AXLE VESC the shipping will be cheaper and they are willing to declare a smaller value…

good to know

I bought two from Maytech, their staff was really helpfull end I ended up buying it offline (not through AliExpress, just wired over money through paypal.)

They are most likely to have firmware pre-installed. However, they don’t have a bootloader installed so you can’t update the firmware unless you first install the bootloader with a ST-Link module.

I bought two from them, they give you a better price if you order directly through them, not through aliexpress. $85usd. They have been reliable for me but they have a few downsides

  • cant run FOC mode
  • cant update the firmware as no bootloader. (you can with separate programmer)
  • The battery power wires laying on top of pcb pins, some risk the pins could penetrate the insulation, so just wedge some card or something under the wires to separate them from the pcb.
  • I suggest keeping battery wires as short as possible, it means less voltage spikes the esc has to deal with.

I’d suggest getting getting a vesc from one of the vendors on the forum.

If you really want a maytech vesc I bought mine through taobao for $70 usd.