VESC from Torque Board Will Not Update FW

I bought 2 VESCs from @torqueboards and they came with FW versions 3.5. The hardware is 4.12 but shows as 4.10 in VESC-Tool.

When I connect them to the VESC-Tool, I get a message saying the connection is limited and I can only update the firmware.

I was able to update the FW for one of them using the VESC-Tool and it successfully went from 3.5 to 3.58.

However, the other VESC will not update. I have tried 10 plus times and the FW gets uploaded, I see the lights flashing on the VESC while this happening, however, once I reconnect it, it is still the old 3.5 FW and the connection is still limited.

I am using a PC (Windows 10) to run the tool.

Any ideas on what could be causing this? I reached out to @torqueboards and they didn’t really have an answer as to what was going on.

Is there a way I can find a version of the Tool that will program FW version 3.5 so I can use that tool to program on the VESCs and the version I currently have to program the other?

Try this

Here’s the tool for 3.5.

VESC Tool 1.08 is 3.50