Vesc gets REALLY hot instantly when battery is plugged

Hello guys!

I just got a New board “Elwing nimbus”. Now to the problem. I braked hard downhill and the board suddenly shut off and i cant turn it on anymore. The Vesc gets extremly hot when the battery is plugged in and i cant turn it on. When i remove the battery the vesc gets cool again.

Plug it in (battery) and it gets hot immidietly ( 10 seconds ) and you cant even Touch it with your finger. The board is still Turned off (and i cant turn it on, nothing happens when i press the power button ) but the vesc/motherboard itself gets extremly hot very very fast with the battery plugged into it.

Much appreciated for any suggestions / help i may get!

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This board has no VESC Inside. It’s maybe a clone or a software compatible ESC. Did you receive a manual with the board or something that tells you it’s a VESC compatible ESC?

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send them a letter…

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You can’t trouble shoot something without knowing what it is…

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That is a prebuilt board so I’d say your best bet is to get ahold of the manufacturer/seller and get them to fix/replace it for you.

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Okay thanks for your replies. The thing is that i bought their first board elwing e1-500 last summer and it broke a month ago with the exact same issue.

It stopped working and i couldnt turn it on after i braked on a steep hill, without the ESC getting hot. I sent it back to them (warranty) and they replaced it with their New board nimbus…

I have had this nimbus for 2 Days Only now and the exact same thing occoured today on my second ride with it ever, i braked on a downhill and poff it Turned off and wont turn on back again. Besides this time if i keep the battery plugged in it Only gets hotter and hotter and if i keep it in long enough im pretty sure it Will start burning…

Thats the weird thing, the board itself is not on(since i cant turn it on via the power button) but the ESC gets very very hot anyway.

Unfortunately :confused: just thought maybe some of you guys knew how that is even possible when the board itself is not even on.

Thanks for the help!

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Sounds like its time for a more reliable, esk8 rated vesc (or derivative)

This list is in descending order of the ‘best’ easily obtainable escs:


Maytech 6.6

Focbox Unity

Flipsky 6.6

Focbox 4.xx (preferably 1.7)

Shaman 4.xx

Maytech/flipsky 4.xx

This pretty much ends up also correlating to the price of the unit, in descending order… but there are dual units that can save some cash :+1:

Okay, ill guess i have no other choice then to buy one of the vescs u mentioned. If i want a reliabe eskate that will last for more than 1 season (summer) and more than 2 Days with their New "upgraded e1-500 which they call nimbus…) :frowning:

The ones you mentioned in the list, is it Only the motherboard itself or is it a full kit that i can just put on any deck/longboard i want. If its Only the motherboard then i have to build it from scratch and buy wheels/hub motor and battery etc seperatly?

Im kinda New to to this and it seems pretty hard to do all that by myself. But i guess there are som great guides on this forum on how to do it?

Thanks in advance

@Sinkz You will have to define “Motherboard”. The ESCs listed above are, for the most part, a brick of aluminum and electronics designed to go in an enclosure. You still need to provide battery, BMS, remote transmitter/receiver, motors, trucks, wheels and drivetrain (pulleys/belts/gears) if not using hub motors. The remote for your Nimbus may or may not work with the new ESC. The BMS may or may not be integrated and/or communicating with the existing ESC. If either is the case, you will probably need a new remote and/or new BMS.

Go here and start reading.

In light of the two consecutive failures you mentioned, I’d definitely contact the company and ask for a refund. Not a replacement, a refund. Make them give you your money back for making a shitty product.

@Sinkz I have an Elwing (Nimbus), it’s working flawlessly. It’s clearly written in the manual that you shouldn’t go downhill with a full charged battery (Did you read it ? Same warning applies at any VESC based board). Was your battery full or almost full when you were braking hard and your ESC stopped ?

You should contact Elwing imo

The nimbus is a single motor board, its so weak getting a VESC is not only overkill (Although reliability overkill is never a bad thing) but you wouldn’t really squeeze any performance out and it might not even all fit.

He’ll need a new on/off solution, new remote, and all to power a 10S1P (I think) battery which outputs like 10 Amps. The chinese 1 motor PCBs are already way smaller than focboxes, and the 4.12 ones I bet would barely fit in not mentioning the switch or receiver. Also, all said and done even with a crappy 4.12 flipsky, it would still cost $120+ in order to power a set of components which barely exceeds that number :frowning:

Yes i know about that, the first time it happend the battery was not fully charged but maybe 90%. When i sent the first board back to them it got stuck in the airport and i got it shipped back to my adress because of “dangerous goods”. So i had to remove the battery and send it back to them again. When they sent me the New board (nimbus) they didn’t send me any New battery because i had my old one.

This time it happend the battery was nowhere near 100%, less than 50%.

Im very disappointed but i Contacted elwing again and they Will send me New mothercard and New battery and i Will send the old ones back to them when i get the New parts. They Said it might be a battery failure that is causing this problem.

What do you Think?

If their customer service is sorting you out free of charge, i’d just go with that. You sure paid for it in the price of the board, might aswell get your value in the support.

Yes indeed.

But theres one thing i am wondering about that you maybe know more.

If the battery is fully charged and you go downhill and brake hard shouldnt the brakes just stop working or/and turn off the board and then u can just turn it on again like nothing happend. Not fry the entire motherboard like it seems to have happend because it gets overcharged and heated? Or does that mean there is no BMS that controls those things in my board?

Thanks alot for your help and excuse my newbieness