Vesc goes full on the brakes

so I got a problem, my board sometimes goes all out of knowwhere 100% on the brakes. this usually happens in intersections. when approaching the intersection I let smootly go the throttle, most of the times halfway past the intersection I (super carefully) go back on throttle. and then shit happens, sometimes with the absolute over current faultcode.

I already did a few motor detections. some build info: 190 KV motor vesc 4.10 running ackmaniac

And some BLDC screenshots:

In most cases, I would suspect interference in your remote signal. Try changing channels at the mentioned intersection and see if it gets better. Try holding it close to the board.

Edit: The interference coming from ground loops magnetic fields, Radars watching traffic or even wifi when it’s very modern

thx for the input! I am using a winning remote.

how can I do this? I don’t really know what you mean with it.

I got a spare remote, I am going to try use that and see if things change!

did you calibrate the remote again yet… i just had one spaz on me… so i recalibrated… seems like it worked :thinking:

Careful with those. Where are you at ? Your name seems dutch

Why I say careful :

Binding procedure:

vesc on CH1, bind loop key in bind, start everything with the binding button pushed in on the remote! let the button go and remove binding loop.

ppm frequencies are about as good as it gets, I don’t think it thats the problem…

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yes I am dutch, I will do the binding procedure.

thx for the help!

Yeah, I’m Belgian, so if you’re not to far away and want to get to the bottom of this, we could figure something out. Got some winnings laying around

Not sure if you know this or it helps but you have to recalibrate the remote everytime you turn the board on. One flick up and down and you’re good to go.

just to close the topic, the problem was an external motorwire short. The wire protection was rubbed off the cables partially and therefore two wires were able to short.

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