Vesc Hardware & Firmware branches market shares survey

Because I’m curious about what firmware branches are more popular on what hardware version, or how many focboxes are out there vs how many 4.12… and I needed to dig into google docs to train myself for another work related projects, here comes a quick survey with live charts reflecting the data submitted with this form that you can fill as many times as you want to enter the data about the VESCs you own.

PS : Real living boards or builds in gestation only please. Having retailer stock entered would not be very interesting.

All the data is collected in this sheet

and here’s a few charts that I hope will be updated live as data flows in. You will still need to refresh the page though. If some charts are empty that’s because there’s no data to reflect.

Be aware this is very unscientific and it only reflects the data submitted with no control whatsoever on the actual truthfulness of said data.

I hope I’m not the only one curious about this & there’s no bugs & everyone has permission to fill the form and see the results spreadsheet.

I know this could be much more detailed I should ideally differentiate between hw 4.xx manufacturers and be more precise about fw versions. But it would be a lot longer to code the counting script and there would inevitably be omissions / errors on my part. Plus the results would probably be pretty unreadable. I’m open to suggestions and error corrections though, and if you feel like making your own better survey and people like it I will happily retire this post.

The main goal for me was to learn how to use these google docs tools and this little project sure hit the target on that front.


Corrected a little confusion in the charts as both ackmaniac branches had the same name, otherwise it works as intended.



Beware of that 2% VESC Hardware Market Share!:point_down: …it is growing at incredible pace (@stewii-@bimmer).

Someone entered 50 Focboxes with ackmaniac bldc and it weights heavily. I’d like an explanation :thinking:. Are you a retailer? Not sure I should accept that. What’s people’s opinion on the matter? Should I erase that entry?

I have set a limit of ten units per entry for the time being.

I decided to lower that 50 focboxes line to 5. Even if it is not a mistake I would like this survey to reflect the usage of real boards being used by the end user, not stock sitting in a retailer’s storage. I will update the first post to precise that. The Statistics are more balanced that way I hope.

sorry this is just a shameless bump in the hope that it’ll keep the data flowing. Looks like the focbox really is conquering the world, or is that because the old 4.xx designs die so fast they can’t keep up?

I have view only access and need to request permission to edit. I didnt submit a request though. I have 3 Vesc 4.12 on Ack firmware and Ack BLDC tool.

Yes that’s normal the form is there to insert your submissions into the spreadsheet. I just did it for you.

ESCape group buy has shipped, please enter yours :slight_smile:. Let’s see how the landscape changes.

Thanks a lot for this really interesting survey Phil ! Too early to elaborate conclusions but at least we have a trend.