I want to rum 4 VESC HD60T on one CANbus to drive 8 Motors. I have measured that every connector has a 120 Ohm resistor. So when I connect that, I will have only 20 Ohm on the CANbus. I’m not shure that this will work stable.

Is there a possibility to switch off the resistors or remove them?

thanks BEWA

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Can will be fine. Worry not. Welcome to the forum. :call_me_hand:

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You had me at “I want to rum.” :grinning:

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Thanks for the fast answer.

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Not sure if you’re having problems with VESC over CAN but CAN requires 120 Ohm terminating resistors ONLY at the ends . Nothing in the middle.

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@trampa probably knows the answer.


In your case it would be best to remove 50% of the CAN termination resistors. So basically each VESC HD 60T only has one resistor. Problem: With too many resistors in parallel, the resistance will drop too low. 2x220 Ohm in parallel make 110Ohm. 2x 110Ohm in parallel make 55Ohm etc. At some point you have to adjust the total resistance in the system.

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