Vesc heats up after wire replacement what could it be?

I changed the power and motor wires on my vesc for longer ones. Now when plugged in it heats up very quickly, the heatsink and the opposite end of the power input wires especially. The usb is no more detected, the Bluetooth module lights up and the receiver gets power (apparently), but there’s no boot LED’s.

I’ve taken off the wires and cleaned up the solder pads but it didn’t solve it

Can you feel where the heat is coming from?

Are you sure that no wires are touching?

Maybe a drip of solder fell and shorted something out

It heats up especially on the far left hand (first picture) and the heatsink as well. I can’t get the thing off because of the sollastic. There is no visible solder shorting anything on this side

Anyone has any suggestions on how to take the heat sink off? It’s glued on with that white glue silicone stuff