VESC help - Hardware 4.12 Firmware 3.35 shows hardware 48 but needs 412

I am unable to get my vesc to update the firmware on my vesc. This is what the faults say on the VESC terminal The following faults were registered since start:

Fault : FAULT_CODE_OVER_TEMP_FET Current : -0.0 Current filtered : -0.0 Voltage : 34.06 Duty : -0.290 RPM : -0.0 Tacho : 4 Cycles running : 0 TIM duty : -2434 TIM val samp : 2 TIM current samp : 4200 TIM top : 8400 Comm step : 0 Temperature : 440.66

Any help would be great! Running out of things to try.

4.8 and 4.12 are hardware versions…not firmware

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Thanks, do you have any ideas on how to fix this without a ST link?

Well if you flashed the wrong firmware and run the motors afterward, yoi might have toasted the vesc already.

What hardware version is your vesc? What firmware version is currently flashed on it?

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Hardware: v4.12

Also it says hardware version 48 in the Vesc tool which im guessing needs to show 412 Firmware: 3.35

Also, thanks for responding quickly, I was hoping to finish my build today but this threw a nice big wrench into it.

Disconnect your motor ASAP before you fry the vesc, if it’s not already. You need HW 410, 411 or 412

As long as you don’t run the motor you can recover from this without an ST-Link, I did it, but I don’t remember how.

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The motors are not connected anymore but they were briefly last night but I didnt run anything or testing. Right now there is blue light and a green one showing. Also, when i try to upload a custom firmware it shows as if its uploading and then it disconnects but then, nothing happens and after a power cycle, it shows the same data as above. Running the BLDC tool, i see a message saying

“The firmware on the connected VESC is too old. Please update it using a programmer.” Also, tried using @Ackmaniac tool

I also get responses back from the vesc terminal, which tells me it may not be fried yet.


Firmware: 3.35 Hardware: 48 UUID: 3D 00 29 00 11 47 36 34 38 34 36 33 Permanent NRF found: No

Any update on the hw 48 problem? Ran into it as well.

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Dealing with this issue now, anyone know how to get the vesc (focbox) back to the right hardware version, I flashed ack’s latest firmware but accidentally said it was 48 hardware and not 410, 411, 412 like I needed too, how can I flash back to this?n Any advice @Ackmaniac???

if you have one that is working right now you can install the lates firmware on that one and than connect the one with the wrong fw via can bus and upload the firmware.

if both are with wrong firmware than you you need a st v2 link. search for it here an you will find more than enough information how to flash back the right firmware.

Here’s the quick instructions from Trampa for flashing via swd interconnect If you have one working vesc as Andy said

Edit: don’t spin up motors while connected via Swd (per trampa)

There is a custom file tab, which allows you to upload FW from file. Download the 410 411 412 FW from Benjamin Vedders Github, select it, upload it.

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Ok cool, thanks @trampa / Frank, really appreciate it my man. Any chance you have a link directly to that FW on his Github? I can browse for it but not till later so figured I’d ask and see if you might have the time. Thanks either way!

It’s the default.bin in the correct Hardware version folder.

Got it, ok. See it there, thanks so much Frank. Last question for now then just to make sure I do this correctly the first time around… Do I need to find and d/l Benjamins VESC tool or can I still upload that firmware from his page to put on the VESC/Focbox I need to from Ackmaniacs VESC tool like I did prior? LMK when you have a minute and thanks again, really appreciate the help!

Use VESC-Tool, connect ESC, upload FW.

That’s what I i was just wanting to confirm with you first, so use Vedders VESC tool and not @Ackmaniac VESC tool like I did originally when I updated firmware the other day. Correct? Sorry for asking the same / similar question if your answer was already clear enough, just want to be certain I don’t brick my FOCBOX is all. Better safe than sorry at the end of the day though right…? Lol. Thanks again @trampa

Hey Frank, a lil help… I d’l the .bin file for the default firmware I need in the appropriate hardware section (410,411,412) but it won’t let me upload that firmware in the VESC tool and keeps trying to get me to open up the BLDC tool instead… any idea why it’s doing that? I see the file is for the VESC tool but then when I hit upload firmware in the VESC tool after putting the d/l there it won’t allow t… I just want to go ride my new set up… ugh. Please lmk what i’m doing wrong… or am I supposed to do it through the BLDC tool then switch over to VESC tool after that…? @trampa

You can use the old Bldc-tool to upload that FW. Just don’t try to configure the ESC via BLDC-Tool after upload.