Vesc help/repair?replace? Drv8302

So my diyelectricskateboard vesc just got a drv8302 chip blows from bench testing… I was bench testing for hours before I turned on foc mode (my reciever led stopped working so I litterally haven’t used the board yet :frowning: ) anyways it’s blown now for whatever reason and I’ll give it to them they gave me an option for a fix for $50 and instructions on how to fix it cheap but I’m more curious about what I should do. By from another source ? Who ? Should I try the repair, My buddy has a reflow machine. Any help

Think for near that price @JohnnyMeduse or possibly others on the forum who have experience can do it for you, but not sure you can get a better price than $50. FOC mode is known to be hit or miss on frying components, some good details in this thread explaining some situations where users end up frying their components when they don’t understand what is going wrong and other experienced riders having problems too… personally I don’t chance it since I don’t see the major benefit and don’t think it’s worth risking on 4.12 hardware at least:

All that said it appears DIY advertises FOC support so if you followed the instructions for calibration and didn’t wire anything wrong I’m not sure how this is end user error.

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