VESC | How does the braking work?

I am trying to understand how the braking works in VESC. I know it has regenerative braking, which means it uses the kinectic energy during braking to charge the batteries. However, does it solely base its braking on the regenerative part or does it also activate the phases in order to create a braking momentum?

I don’t know if that last part is even possible.

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From what I’ve seen it averages out to about being 15% regen, sometimes using juice to brake and sometimes creating juice depending on how strong the braking is

There’s a way to get all the numbers of regen and everything else out of the vesc so u can see exactly what’s happening …but don’t know how to do that. I’d like to know. Overlay a video with everything going on. I’ve seen that

chek this out, it’s basically the same topic.