VESC how to set up bluetooth

Hello I have buyed a vesc standard and have a bluetooth mouse reciver . Can u help me figuring out if i can use it ? and maybe pair it up whit a bluetooth remote. i have an earlier e-go remote

How do i find a map over what is on the motherboard on the receiver so i know how to connect it.

its a

Logitech V450 Cordless Laser Mouse R9 C23C24R10 c-uat51 202897-0000 safari rev101

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what? mouse with vesc?

That information is probably encrypted, best bet would to take a look at the drivers used on actual computers. Seems like tough work though

You forgot the unicorn dust, you can order it by special request @ Enertion xD.

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Where would he have the mouse pad? That’s what I’m wondering…Lol

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Need to explain more bud.

u proberly rigth,

Do u guys know if i buy a bluetooth Wii controller instead, if i can pair my phone or my old controller up instead. or is it locked to the specific wii controller ?

… I have seen guides to do use the vesc whit wii remotes, and i dont want to wait on shipping :slight_smile:

get a bluetooth mic and pair it with vesc to get voice speed control, also bluetooth heart rate monitor to brake when you get nervous


The heart rate thing would make a great emergency braking thing, fudging genius