VESC in FOC-Mode

Hey, in the past time i read several times that eboarder have fried their VESC when using it with FOC. I would like to know who has fried a VESC and from where you have bought the fried VESC.

I’m having my doubts about using FOC. I bought Vedder’s VESC and a CarvON v2 Single HUB, but I don’t have my batteries yet. Maybe @RunPlayBack can give us some feedback about his experience.

There are so many posts about VESC FOC frying that it’s turning into some kind of urban legend or something lol. I haven’t had any problems with FOC. I’ve been running on Ollinboard VESC (no heatsink), Carvon V2 Single and @onloop Space Cell since January in every condition you can imagine. I may have just lucked out with this combo of parts but I would attribute it to the durability of @chaka VESC. Here’s my settings:

Motor Max: 60.00 A Motor Min: -60.00 A Bat Max: 30.00 A Batt Min: -12.00 A Absolute Max: 130.00 A Max ERPM: 60000.00 Min input voltage: 8.00 V Max input voltage: 57.00 V Battery cut off start: 35.20 V Battery cut off end: 33.20 V Startup Boost: 0.040 Soft RPM limit ERPM limit start: 0.00 ERPM limit end: 60000.00


I agree. I just thought that the most fried VESCs are from enertion but i dont know exactly. So i made this topic to see how makes poor VESCs.

Thanks bro! Always here to help :sunglasses:

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@DeathCookies I used FOC for a long time before I had an issue, and the issue was traceable to a short caused by some bad wiring on my part. Full story below.

The only problem I’ve ever had with FOC was from user error because one of my motor phase wires came loose. I would hit full throttle and when I hit throttle again it would automatically brake which was scary as hell but I was able to run it off. So one thing to keep in mind is that when you’re running FOC always make sure your motor wires are super secure.


@DeathCookies Sounds like for me and for @RunPlayBack the problems were not a result of using FOC; I think similar symptoms would arise using BLDC mode.

The two common issues attributable to FOC, it seems, are failed motor detections (resolved by reducing battery cable length) and strange braking behavior (resolved by using an updated HW version of VESC or adding a cap to C18).

VESC failures with FOC are not a manufacturing issue.

It’s a combination of motors (some fail, some don’t under FOC), parameters in BLDC tool, cables (shorting them, length), bad solder joints due to vibrations, switching between FOC and BLDC with no reset to default values, using 12s sometimes causes that as well, and so on. Already wrote the in the FOC thread.

Does that mean Battery pack discharge amps?

Max draw from the Space Cell battery.

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Im confused does this mean if i have a battery pack (12s2p) that discharges 20amps at MAX it can power dual motors?

where does vadder sell his vesc?

Here you go my friend!

U have a battery max amp and motor max amp on the vesc. It converts higher voltage to amps for th motor so u can use less amps from the battery with higher voltage. A big benefit of using higher voltage as it keeps the vescs temp down

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thanks! =)

@hoochij4s @Blacksheep for clarity, OllinboardCompany is not where Vedder sells VESC. Vedder is the designer who releases the open-sourced VESC design, and OllinboardCompany is one of the groups that manufactures and sells them.

The owner of OllinBoardCompany, @chaka, is a member here and I personally own one of the VESCs he sells, and it is very high quality, but it isn’t Vedder who builds them to sell.

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thanks a lot very helpful

My bad @treenutter , thanks for the correction!

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I use my repaired VESC since 2 Weeks in FOC on 12S and dont have problems at all.