VESC incorrect voltage reading

on my dual vesc build my primary vesc read ~0.8V low, but my slave VESC is spot on. I had to set my primary vesc voltage setting so that the cut offs and over volt behave the same on both motors but now that i am reading voltage with an app i would love to get this more accurate. Is there anyway to adjust this?

You can change the resistor R3 and R4 for the same value as they are, but use some resistor with less error coefficient. Or it might be a bad reading from the MCU, so tou need to change it.

thanks for the suggestion, I will check the resistance of r3 and r4 and see how the resistance compares to the resistors on my slave vesc. On my custom drones the flight controllers use a voltage divider to read up to 6s but they also give you an adjustment in the GUI

They are probably the sameā€¦ since the 0.8v difference is easely within the tolerance of the resistor (and is not really abnormal)