Vesc issue help DRV


Blown drv?

Or just settings

If it’s permanent fault than blown :sweat_smile: Is something working on your vesc?

That better not be one of the ones from me D:

- as in, I hope I didn’t send you a faulty focbox

Nope not you , it’s one of the ones I sold

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“Nothing. I can here it make sort of a tick sound every couple seconds when it’s supposed to be spinning”


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“TB vescs from you. I am having trouble with both of them. Neither one of them are working. The one with the replaced resistor has some faults and the other one just doesn’t connect to the computer. I’ve tried different cables different computers ect. However the one with the replaced resistor connects fine when I run motor detection it fails and gives faults. The one that doesn’t connect just turns on solid blue. The other one has a blue light then a green light comes on.”

I have been so unlucky this month

Broken wrist + broken battery + no functional boards + 2 bad vesc