Vesc JST plug colour order

I’m wondering if anyone can help me with the arrangement of coloured wires into the 6 place jst lead on vesc 4? I have got a new larger jst plug which now fits the vesc but unsure of the arrangement of colours. I have red, black, white,yellow,blue and green. (group buy 6374) A nudge in the right direction would be appreciated. I have both DIY and Enertion vescs.

Would it be in the same order as the vesc 6?

red = 5v black = GND white = temp the others are hall 1/2/3

Thanks @Jinra. I can’t see any markings on the vesc I have to tell which way they should go into the plugs though. Would they be the same as vesc 6?

I dont know about the VESC 6 but the VESC 4 has markings on the pcb.

If you orient with the mosfets facing down the order from left to right is


Thanks again @Jinra. Something like this then.

Yep :thumbsup:

I hope you read the message that the labeling on the new BETA VESC 6.4 is mirrored. Please read in the five pages long PDF for the right pin assignment. I think it should be the same assignment like on your HW4.XX, so you dont need to swap wires, but please double check. When you connecting it wrong you will short 3.3V/5V (what you have chosen with the switch) to ground.