VESC limiting power output?

I’ve build an e-scooter that runs on 6S, a VESC 4.12 and a 6374 motor. It accelerates very hard and reaches rly high speeds. However, sometimes the motor seems sluggish as if it only has like 30% power or something. Then when I go slow for abit, the full torque comes back on. What could this be due to? Isit my voltage soft cut off at 3.7V too low? Anyone experienced the same issue?

I am pretty sure you are hitting temperatur cutoff, which means you either need to go lower on the power output of the vesc or cool the vesc more effective.

3.7 soft cut off? think about what that means.

Your low voltage cut-off is too high and you’re most probably triggering overheat protection too, just like @FredrikHems said :thinking:

He is probably using lipo guys. I use 3.7 soft and 3.6 hard for lipo too

This could also be voltage sag causing the problem. What type of battery are you using? Lion or Lipo? How many parallel groups are you running?

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