Vesc lipo cutoff

I’m completely new to the vesc. Does it do lipo voltage cutoff? Do I have to buy lipo voltage alarms? Thanks.

It has voltage cutoff limit,

@Lizardking0069 you don’t need voltage alarms. Use BLDC Tool to set voltages for starting point for cutout, and then a final cutout. It works really well. The only drawback is that you don’t have a real-time view of your voltage while you’re riding. You can install a voltage meter for external viewing if you need it.

@jacobbloy explains it nicly here:

ESK8-support video

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Indeed. I would even say that anyone who’s using a VESC should watch pretty much every video on that channel.

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Someone suggested buying this one in another thread:

Do you know of a US supplier for it?

HobbyKing has lots of those (not the exact same one, but similars)

Did you end up getting one of these? Where did you buy it from?

I bought one from ebay from a supplier in Hong Kong. It should take some time to get here 3-4weeks.

Ok I just bought one from China also, and will just wait it out.