VESC low max ERPM

I’ve got a VESC 4.12 connected to a MAYTECH 6365 170KV motor with a 12S. On max throttle testing, the VESC app shows around 46K ERPM. I wonder why is that is its limit? Should be enough for about 50kph but it could reach 100K easy when there’s no resistance right?

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you should use the search button and look up some formulas and general understanding

You should cap out around 60,000 erpm with a 170Kv motor and a 12S pack.

Are you fully charged? That will greatly affect max speed.

Also, motor KV may not be accurate. Could be quite different from the manufacturer spec.

You also are limited to 95% duty cycle so that further lowers max speed.

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Depends what you set in your vesc tool. If you set it to 46k than it is.

You know that this depends on your gearing and wheel diameter. It’s not connected to the vesc hw version

Good luck with it. Besides the fact that your motor top out at close to 60k if the kV rating is correct and your battery is fully charged aaand there is no load at all, 100k would let your maytech 4.12 smoke up a bit…pretty fast

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By my calculations the 170KV should give out 8500 RPM it is on 3500 only. the VESC shows 49.7V from the 12S. There’s no 46K or close-to limit on any ERPM variable on the app.

My limit on the VESC app seems to be 100K ERPM. About the max speed, yes my wheels are 85mm so 2pirrpm60/1000. Lastly, if my ERPM is 46K and the Volt is 50 then the motor is at 70kV. Why should the VESC smoke if the amp is not hitting even 10A? (there’s a little load of the chain, wheel and metal gear pullies.

You’ve made a mistake somewhere in your calculations.

49.7V * 170KV * 7 pole pairs =59143 Erpm.

Also, any vesc 4.12 CANT run more than 60,000 Erpm. They become very unstable.

If that’s true then you need to lower that limit to 60K, else you risk blowing up your vesc.

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I thought it was calculated by counting all poles (14). That makes more sense with 7 poles.

I’ll limit it to 60K, still wonder why it can’t reach its max rotational speed (20% off) - the app’s live meter showed me 46K, it wasn’t calculated.

You should really limit it to 50k to have… somewhat of a safe experience?

I wouldnt trust a regular 4.12 past 35a per vesc, or over 55k :0

too close to the sun, Icarus :stuck_out_tongue:

I will, but it is strange that the app allow more than that. I’ve got both VESCs on aluminum housing attached to the mosfets so i was hoping for a 50A continues.I won’t use it much accelerating, but for breaking that could come in handy.

plus the links in the threads to the vedder forum etc etc. hope that´s enough information for you at the moment.