VESC Monitor Android App

Fourth rounds of donation. Thanks @lockeboss @jaatis @mikedv :wink:


Fifth round of donations…Thanks guys

@BruSkater @eb1925

Anytime man!

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App seems to reconnect much better which is nice. Changing settings was nice feature when I let friend borrow board. Unfortunately the mode didn’t seem to want to switch between current mode to current mode with no reverse. Said friend managed to take a spill twice. They managed to be going in reverse instead if braking, so intuitively they press accelerate to brake not know it would launch the board from under them. Not sure if you could make double clicking both ways to switch direction a option. Though if you could take a look at mode switching from with reverse to without that would be great

Of course you can switch to a mode without reverse.

Hey ackmaniac could you maybe include distance into the Log.

That is what I’m referring to. I made a separate mode settings where everything seem to change like motor max/min, battery max/min , max speed. In that mode I also put current no reverse but that didn’t change when I switched to that mode.

I guess you have a dual motor setup and your Bluetooth module is connected to the salve. In this case you need to enable “Connect by CAN to ID” in the settings of the app and enter the ID of the master. This way when you make changes to the master the slave is updated automatically. Mode changes in general can only be made to the master.

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The Bluetooth module is connected to the master. Here is screenshots of what I mean. Only the “current no reverse with brake” doesn’t change.



Oh, then deactivate “Send status via CAN” in the Esc settings of the master.

any luck?

I am using the bluetooth module from flipsky which is the nrf51. I’m gonna swap it for the HM-10 now as i have had no luck getting this to work with the ack software and only with the VESC Tool mobile software which doesn’t have the features that the ack software has.

I think it’s hopeless. The Flipsky module is nrf based. Ack’s app is ble based

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Hey all, i’ve a question and hope someone can help me: i bought the IOS App VESC Monitor and with my Raptor 2 Firmware v2.18 everything works fine. But i use normally a Samsung Galaxy with ESC Monitor. Because of the Stuttering problem i have to update Firmware to v2.18. And since i’ve this Firmware ESC Monitor don’t let me use the profile choose: Not supported Firmware. Is there any other Firmware for Raptor 2, which i can use with ESC Monitor? I tried already the ackmaniac Firmwares, but then my remote doesn’t work. Will ESC Monitor support Firmware v2.18 in the future? Can someone help me? thanks in advanced kind regards Michael

Just released a new version 1.115 of the app which hopefully fixes some connection issues people had when the app stopped to connect to the Bluetooth module when it did it before. Please let me know if this version makes a change for those people. I don’t have the issue myself so it is hard for me to figure out the issue. hope this version makes a change.

@Ackmaniac Nico any possibility of IOS App?

The app is my hobby and doing it in my free time. I don’t have the interest and time to do that in my free time. I also don’t like the fees apple charges to be able to provide the app in the app store (100$ each year). And i don’t have the hardware (no mac and iphone). So i would need to invest at least 2000$ for the equipment and spent maybe 500 hours in my free time to develop the app. This is money i won’t ever get back by donations and time i would spent with a system i don’t really like. And i would feed a money eating machine that i don’t like to support. So long story short, if somebody want’s to pay for it then maybe, otherwise i don’t think so.


@Ackmaniac Thank you for the honest answer mate


Referring to the mode switching problem I do have “send CAN status” as “False” on the master.

If you can see in the screenshots I posted some of the settings are changing except for “Cur” to “Cur n R w Br” which is selected in the new mode.

This is on the newest version of the app

Would it be possible to add the ability to configure the other parameters in-app? Like foc vs BLDC etc?

How much money would you need to do it professionally?

Maybe a trusted seller can help set this up.