VESC Monitor Android App

thank you for the reponse! i will look into other modules.

Hi Ackmaniac. First of all - Thank you very much for the efforts and time you spend doing all this Programming and developing ! I am just beginning to read all this stuff and work into the Topic.

The past 5 Years e-skating it was always a hide and seek play with the police so just keep cool, push and hope for the best when they’re coming :wink: Here in Germany, as you know, it is a matter of luck if the Policeman had a bad day or if he maybe just don’t know the law about Eboards. I am living in Bavaria that makes it not easier…

Evolve offers the Service to send you a Remote which is limited to 6 km/h. I just ordered a Lacroix and now the Question is if it would also work to program a Nano V2 or if it has to be done by changing the VESC Firmware for example using your Tool.

Maybe you could give me a push into the right direction. Unfortunately I am depending on my driver License and it would give me a much better Feeling to have a “Hase Igel Mode” to activate.

Greeting from Nürnberg !

By the app you can activate modes which are only active as long as the board is powered. So simply set a police mode as default and activate the ride mode via the app. If they stop you then switch off the board and back on to be in police mode again.


Thanks for the Quick answer. Can I achieve this without changing any other behaviors( in non Police Mode ) of the Board - meaning throttle curve, speed mode 1 & 2 on the remote etc. ?

You planning in future add support of 3.40 and latast firmware support to your app?

I can’t get it to connect, i have an HM-10 module wired correctly, esc set to uart+ppm, 9600 baudrate. running latest firmware on the vesc. every time i connect to “HMSoft” module, it connects but doesn’t provide any data, anything i click on it just says “esc not connected” Any ideas?

Hey @Ackmaniac, where is the best place to view changelogs? I’ve been getting spammednwith notifications on the newest version, I was able to just disable notifications from the app in Android.

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Yes on Android 8 you need to configure the notifications. I was also able to close the app properly so that the annoying message which tells you that the app is still running is gone.

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I got the Bluetooth module a few days ago. Super excited for it to come in! Just downloaded the Android app linked, and I was wondering if there’s a second app as pictured on the product page to download as well. The one in the product’s screenshot reminds me of Birds app and I think it looks pretty sleek

I need to refresh the screenshots for the google play store

Do you mean refresh the photos on the product page? The photos on the Play store are pretty much up to date with what the Android app is. I looked a little further and I found the apple version is much more inline with what the product page’s screenshots are, but the app in development on this thread by bradrisse is what is being advertised on the product page. This doesn’t seem to be available yet but looks nice and I’m confused why it’s on the product page.

Badrisse and I have our own individual apps.

The confusion is coming from your product being advertised with his app that is unreleased.

Sorry not following you. What product page are you referring to, on an App Store or website. Android or iOS. Last I checked ackmaniac was android only app, maybe you are referring to ackmaniac firmware that most if not all of these apps work with to pull data from but certainly to change settings and modes etc. please just link to whatever product page you are referring to so I understand what you mean.

Maybe you mean this:

Xmatic - Electric Skateboard by Thuan Pham

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This is the product page I’m referring to. Specifically I’m talking about the android app.

@jlabs is selling an HM-10 Bluetooth adaptor, not an app. He is simply telling you where to get the app for both Android and iOS that works with the adaptor.


That’s not my product and the app that is shown on the page isn’t my app.

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Well I got the Bkb module and it is doing the same thing. Bluetooth says connected but no f’d data comes through. Says esc not connected but upper left says connected? I tried switching rx and tx also.

ESC the BT connected to has uart 9600 baud selected?

Yes. 10 char

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