Vesc monitor on Fire TV works

I was not expecting this


Maybe you can set up a mini displayed and put that somewhere on the board or something make a custom loop to make it like that

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Like a raspberry pi, in the enclosure, wired to a screen on top of the deck! And just show speed and battery left

a cheap android phone would make more sense… fire tv is android based so its not surprising. people call loading the android version of kodi on a fire stick hacking when really its normal use…


You can mount a $30 fire 7 to your deck


I know its android. How do you think i sideloaded the apk? I used adb.

i know you know, but i’m helping everyone else know also :sunglasses:

oh and I would still use a phone, because you can add a cheap prepaid sim, and use the gps if its lost or stolen. :wink:

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i anyways have an iPhone with eskate VESC set up on it. IMO, adding a device to my board WILL cause it to break lol