VESC Motor Power Output Problem

Hello all,

I recently went and upgraded from a single motor to duel rear motors on my long board. However in the process when connecting up two VESC’s I lost the settings previously set using the BLDC tool. I tried doing a “Read Configuration” and got back a lot of my settings but when I go to do a motor detection test it fails every time.

I can pull the trigger on the remote and get power and wheels spin, however i am able to stop it just by grabbing the wheel.

Lastly: I know there is a very similar topic called “VESC Motor output power issue” I have read that post through many times and tried similar solutions. But might be missing something.

I am running: 190kv motor (80A) VESC 4.12 and a 6s battery BLDC is the latest version.

I will attach some screen shots of my BLDC tool. I am thankful for any help or suggestions.

Try setting your battery cutoff start to 12 and end to 10 and do the motor detection again. Most of the time its those values are wrong or your battery is low on voltage.

edit: if it works, set them back to 21 and 19.8

Try setting your Max voltage at 57V

I did those changes and the motor detection worded! thanks for that However I am still able to stop the motor with my hand.
Any additional recommendations?

I have attached new screen shots of the setting as of now

try going to terminal and type “faults” report back what you get

Dude don’t do that, you’ll hurt yourself. Try it with your remote instead of the keyboard, you’ll have plenty of torque

you´re a bit low on 6s for 190kv. If your motor max is 80A put atleast 70A in. Also raise your Battery max. you´ll have no power with these current settings.

And don´t try to grap in the running wheel. Jump on your board and try it!

Im using 40A motor on 6s with 192kv SK3 and at 65kg it carries me just fine.

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Here is the screen shot from the terminal.

I have been doing that. (using the remote) I can still stop it easily

Here is the new specs.
I just went and tried and tested the board, I can walk faster then it goes at full throttle. Also the motor sounds like its not running right. But its brand new. I also tried the old one and it has the same effect.

Let me know if you guys have any more ideas to try!

What is this battery? is it able to output the current you are asking for?

You can also look at your remote configurations, under ‘‘app configuration’’ -> ‘‘ppm settings’’ to see if your remote is within the working window of your settings. (tick the display box)

My battery is this: Should be plenty of power

As for the Remote settings, I haven’t changed those since last time. I ran it. But here is a screen shot of the setting there

Another stupid question, your batteries are charged?

Do you see the full swing of your remote in the display?

Never a stupid question, but yes they are fully charged.

And yes the remote gives full authority and swing on the display

I have updated my current settings. (see attachments below) Any further ideas?

just noticed in one of your screen shots you have a “motor detection fail”. are you able to perform a successful motor detection?

yes, i have fixed that, and can run a successful motor detection. However the board can not move its self.

In the BLDC Tool: check in the real time tab (mark the checkbox at the bottom of the screen) if the batteries are providing the voltage you need.