Vesc not connecting to motor

I’m trying to set up dual 6374 motors. I first started with a single and now going to dual. I been using a carvon Vesc for the single set up build and it’s been working perfectly. I took the board apart to start setting it up, but I unplug the original Vesc to make sure the other one works.but now it’s not even working for single but the other one is working for a single motor. So I don’t know what happened I just need to know how to get these 3 redlights to connect to the motor

did you use canbus? If so

Bad drv chip? Try type faults in terminal tab

No I’m testing it in a single 6374 motor and it says no motor

No motor detection? You also say red flashes appear and when you have a drv fault the vesc will flash red/pink.

What’s drv

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A chip that is very easy to damage. Do a search on the forum :slight_smile:

Post pictures of your build and bldc tool could help us understand your problem , carvon vesc they don’t sell them independently last I checked ? Where u get that lol.

My friends board his battery broke