VESC not connecting via usb, only blue led on

Hey everyone,

I got a Magneto Board a few days ago and it already stopped working the same day. I ordered a VESC from enertion and wired it up. But when i try to connect it via usb, it does not pop up on my pc and bldc also does not recognize the VESC. When i power it up only the blue led is glowing but no green led (this needs to be if the VESC is working fine?).

I’m new to the whole electric skateboarding thing and i have no clue why the VESC does not connect to my pc…

Most likely you are missing the Bootloader/Firmware. It happened with my last VESC from enertion too. Depending on your experience with Linux it can be rather hard getting it to work again. You need to get a Linux PC (I’d reccomend Ubuntu) and a stm32 Programmer in order to upload the firmware. A suitable Programmer :

How to connect the Programmer to the VESC:

The instruction Video by vedder:

but be careful you cannot use the terry private Repository for building the Toolchain use this ubuntu one instead:

And yes normally the LED next to your blue one should flash 3 times on startup, indicating no errors

Bootloader is for reprogramming the firmware via usb. This is not the problem here.

Make sure you have the correct com port on the bldc tool

If the VESC gets power, the red LED HAS to flash 3 times, otherwise there is no software programmed onto the stm32 microcontroller. In this case you cannot reprogram the firmware via usb because bldc tool wont be able to connect to the stm at all. Your only possible way of saving the VESC is to program it with a hardware programmer

Well let’s @Stefan give us more info, jumping to missing firmware is worse case

Sadly there is almost no other explanation to this. The other possibilities are broken LEDs, broken LED traces or voltage issues. I am quite certain the firmware is missing

Firmware is def. missing. Flashing a Vesc is not extremely difficult, I bet you can do it yourself. All the code you need is on Vedder’s site

Please contact your vendor… It is really the best thing to do in these kind of situation…


Hey everyone,

first of all, thanks for your quick responses. @Jobbel I orderd this one from amazon. Delivery needs only a few days. I am still a little confused on how to connect everything together for the flashing process but i made a foto of the vesc

Moreover i am not sure how to connect the bluetooth receiver to the vesc. Is it the 3 pins i gave the number 1 or do i have to connect it to the area i gave the number 2? Or neither of them :smiley:

Hey Stefan

if your bluetooth receiver is a nunchuck you’ll have to connect it at pin header 2 if it is a RC receiver with a PPM Signal you have to connect it to pin header 1 to program your VESC you have to hook up your stlink programmer to the only pinheader you didn’t mark, it’s the one between 1 and 2, it should have 6 pins. On the other side of the board you can see what to connect where

I think it is a RC receiver. I am not familiar with nunchuck but these have more than 3 cables, right? Will it be enough to install an Ubuntu on something like a virtual machine on my laptop?

you could even make a bootable USB drive or CD (i’d recommend this tool:, a virtual machine should work as well And if it is an RC one with 3 Pins you have to connect it to Pin Header 1

I installed Ubuntu on a virtual machine now. Hopefully the adapter will come thursday or friday.

Update: I followed all the steps mentioned in vedders video until 4:40 when it comes to connecting the vesc. Since i did not know what i was doing with those commands i did not recognize any errors/problems. @Jobbel you said i could not use the terry private Repository for building the Toolchain. I think i did that with following the steps mentioned in the video, right? I had no problems with that, is it still wrong this way?

what happens if you type make inside the BLDC-firmware folder ? If it compiles OK you are fine, if not you need the Toolchain

You mean like this?

I installed Ubuntu in german so the terminal also is in german… But i assume you meant this. What do i have to do differently?

I’ll answer in german :

Ja dir fehlt die Toolchain deshalb steht da in der letzten Zeile auch dass das compilieren scheiterte. Du muss dir auf dem Ubuntu Rechner das hier für deine Architektur runterladen.(AMD oder Intel) dann einfach ausführen, Ubuntu installiert das von alleine. Dann nochmal make in dem bldc-firmware Verzeichnis ausführen, sollte dann anders aussehen :smiley: kannst dann auch mit make upload direkt auf die VESC schreiben solltest du den Programmer schon haben

Edit: You are missing the Toolchain. you can download it here: just download the .deb file and execute it, ubuntu will install it automatically make upload should now work

Praktisch. Das habe ich jetzt gemacht und sieht auch soweit gut aus. Der Programmer kommt morgen oder übermorgen voraussichtlich. Kann ich dann als nächstes nach dem Anschließen des Programmers direkt make upload machen und dann ist die firmware drauf, sodass ich den Rest über die “normale” Windowsoberfläche mit dem BLDC Tool machen kann? Oder muss ich danach noch etwas in Ubuntu machen? Im Video macht er ja danach noch weitere Anweisungen im Terminal.

Please keep the language to english only that everyone can understand what you are talking about and that others can learn! If you really want to speak german please make a private message :wink:

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No once the firmware is properly flashed on the VESC you can use the BLDC tool again :smiley: And yes if the programmer is connected you can directly execute make upload Because you use a VM you will have to do some usb routing for the programmer ok I ’ ll try to keep it in english

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