VESC not connecting via usb, only blue led on

I made a picture with the connections of the programmer and the connections on the vesc:

Am i right with these connections? And which one do i have to connect for pins 4 (dio) and 5 (rst)?

I think you have to connect DIO to pin 6 of your Programmer And I also connected the NC one to Ground.

Use this Picture as a reference

The green cable on the Programmer is 3.3 V or Pin 1 on your VESC I’d use the SWIM RST btw

I successfully flashed the vesc. Thanks everyone.


Hi everyone,

I’ve got a VESC 4.12 recently and I succeeded in connecting to BLDC Tool in Windows and making the motor move using BLDC sensorless mode by following the tutorials on Youtube.

Today, however, it doesn’t work anymore, no led on, even the blue one and the L1-220 (near the CAN Bus) is very hot when VESC is connected to battery. I might have made an error by connecting the battery to the VESC before connecting it to the PC…

Do you know what wrong with my VESC? Should I flash the VESC again as @Stefan did or anything else?

Thanks you guys for help!

I’m so glad I stumbled onto this post. Is it possible to install the bootloader/firmware with my Mac? I bought an STM32F4 discovery board. Thanks for any tips you can provide.

you don’t even need a boot loader anymore :open_mouth:

just download VESC-Tool and do it from there

Wow. My MCU is blank. The VESC Tool will get it to work? Thanks!

You can upload a boot loader through the vesc tool and flash the firmware from there

Thank you so much. Where do I get a bootloader? Is there a specific version I should get?

It looks like the VESC Tool doesn’t have a Mac version. True?

@PDXroses :wink:

I am getting this same error when I try “make upload”. When I try to install the .deb file, it says a newer version is already installed. Does anyone know the issue?

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