VESC not recognised by pc, and can't hook up stm32 discovery board (DRV error)

My VESC was connecting to my pc just fine until today. My other VESC will still connect so I know its not my laptop. I grabbed my discovery board and the instant I plug the VESC into it I get a blue light, But my other VESC can connect to it fine. Its almost like its shorted out but I am not really sure where to look for the short or how it would have even happen. Is there any components on the VESC that could cause this behavior.

Strange… blue light usually means no bootloader. Are you running dual?

I am so I measured voltage across the ground and pin 1 in this picture and I get 5.5 volts not sure why. I am hoping the mcu isn’t shot but I am leaning towards it is.


Which connector is that?

its the one you hook the stm32 discover board too… Program / Debug

Looks like you have a direct short to ground from the 3.3v line. Fried MCU and possibly DRV too. I would check the 5v rail and do a continuity test across the board.

so I found a tiny ball of solder where my remote plugs into. I picked the ball out and it connects to my pc no problem now which is good… But my motor wont spin up so I think your right about the drv which sucks but its not the first one I have had to replace.

Not spinning as in with remote or arrow keys? Have you typed faults in terminal? Any faults show up?

alright so now I got the motor to spin up but it spins fast then stops and says detection failed. I am using the new vesc tool so I’m not 100% sure how to get the faults but I’m guessing its going to be a drv fault but why does it spin up a little?

On the left you’ll see VESC Terminal. Click on it and type faults in the box.

Also my led doesn’t blink red when I power it on. Usually when you power it up isn’t it suppose to flash like 2 or 3 times?


Current : -1.4

Current filtered : -1.3

Voltage : 33.67

Duty : 0.006

RPM : 2.2

Tacho : 7

Cycles running : 1

TIM duty : 310

TIM val samp : 155

TIM current samp : 26250

TIM top : 52190

Comm step : 4

Temperature : 25.75


Current : 0.6

Current filtered : 0.3

Voltage : 33.64

Duty : 0.006

RPM : 2.9

Tacho : 8

Cycles running : 1

TIM duty : 310

TIM val samp : 155

TIM current samp : 26250

TIM top : 52190

Comm step : 5

Temperature : 25.70

Well, I think you know what that means…

I was hoping it was a bad solder joint but o well digikey is here in town so Monday ill get a new one and try replacing it :frowning:

Good luck. If you can’t replace it yourself you can either send it to @JohnnyMeduse (US) or @Martinsp (EU).

I also found a guy willing to do DRV repairs (EU).

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I’ve gone ahead and changed the title to be easier to find for people with the same problem. Maybe it’s a good idea to mark this thread as solved?