VESC Not smooth

Hey, So I’m having issues configuring my vesc to be smooth. Its very loud (I think without the wheel on it is much louder. Should i have done the motor configuration with no wheel on? It adds resistance and i wasnt sure if it should have been on or not) but you can see the controls are not smooth at all. It detects the remote throw correctly, but then the motor is either on max power or not when I test it Video: note i do press “Write to vesc”

You can see that if i push it up very slowly there is not a linear increase, it just ramps up and stays on full power. There is a lot of throw left in the remote and it stays at the same speed the entire time

if your in foc increase switching frequency

motor detection etc should be done without the belts on

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By what magnitude? I’m new to setting up VESCS

i think the max is 40khz that sound seems normal to me, its kinda loud try in foc and the thing why your motor does not start with small amount of throttle is because it doesnt have sensors probably

Where you have this from? I thought it’s without load… :thinking:

That isnt really the issue though, I dont mind noise. The issue is the unusable throttle curve going on. I’ll switch up the FOC. The starting smoothness isnt a big issue to me, its just the fact that 10% of the remotes throw is used. The PPM Percentage dosent follow “Duty” at all, what happens is once the remote hits a certain threshold, it just ramps up to 100% power. I want the remote to control the speed of the motors but it dosent

the belt and wheel is a load…

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:see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: Yes sure…already late here :see_no_evil: Read with belt on… sorry my bad

Did you setup your input source with min max and 0 value?

I had a similar issue, I changed the remote response to .20 and play with the throttle curve to fix it. Sometimes it is cause by the remote, and it is god to check that the trimming are were they supposed to be. I configure my vesc with wheel on it, and on the go, while riding… via UART…It takes some time and patience…Vesc tool is amazing…ones your are done with the learning curve, you are going to love it…Check your motor max amps, and battery regeneration…read the explanation of everything (you have a help button to every part of the set up), go to , documentation, then manuals…

What do you mean? Did i not do this in the video?

I will say that it doesn’t seem so abnormal for me with no load on it. Keep in mind when using current control its like a torque controller, so even with a slight tap and no rider on board the motors will spin up very quickly. Once your on the board it should feel much more gradual with the throttle.

Looking at the RT data coming in at the bottom you can see not many motor amps are used to spin up your motor. The duty cycle gauge does not correspond to the command being sent to the motor, it will just try to hit the target amps regardless of speed, if its at max speed then the amps will drop.

Is it a sensored motor?

Have you ridden it?

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I couldnt find an option called response. I have tried changing my positive ramping to 30 seconds and the issue sticks, as soon as my throttle is past a certain % the motors ramp to max power in under a second. I am a computer programmer and this isnt working and hasnt been for 17 hours by now, I think something must be wrong

I have not ridden it, I have been working on just this for 17 hours.

Yes, on videos ive seen, “Duty” corresponds with what percent the throttle on the remote is at, and the motor will catch up or down to where it is when moved. This is what I want, but it is not happening on mine, I am getting this “Get past x% and then the motor goes to max power and thats it” It doesnt make sense that this would ever be smooth, because the motor literally ramps to 100% power in 0% of the throttle throw at a given point. The shittest chinese ESC is smoother than that

I think you may have a misunderstanding on how the controller is working, it is impossible for your motor to be at max power with out a load on it. Max duty does not equal max power. The duty cycle isn’t what is being controlled by the remote, the motor amps are.

Is this a motor with hall sensors?

Perhaps I can explain by example, say I move my throttle to 10% that will correspond to 10% of my boards total ACCELERATION not speed. Even 10% of your boards acceleration with no rider on board will be enough to spin up the motors to max speed very quickly.


Yes but I dont know if the hall is setup properly Why cant the controller pulselength percent be proportional to the speed of the motor? that is all I want

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Wouldnt that make it impossible to move around slowly? because you can’t hold a speed at all? :confused:

It actually feels very natural once riding the board, kind of like your cars gas peddle. Imagine if pushing in your cars gas pedal halfway made your car immediatley go to half your cars maximum speed as quickly as possible. It would be too touchy.