VESC not working after changing to FOC - Please help!

I have a VESC 4.12 with V 2.18 and I just tried changing to FOC following Vedder’s you tube video. Did all the motor detection steps, tested it on the bench for 10 seconds then the motor stopped spinning.

So the ESC comes on with normal flashing lights but no response, motor still works as I tried it with another ESC. When I accelerate or brake, the ESC red lights flashes, but nothing happens.

I tried reverting back to BLDC with the same settings as before, but not luck.

Can someone please help?

Sounds like drv error? Maybe someone can confirm this? try checking error codes in the Vesc tool

Does your VESC is Maytech branded?

If so, well… I better stop here.

I believe so, it says MT VESC on it. Excuse my ignorance, why stop here?

Just search maytech

Maytech VESCs don’t support FOC.

You’ve blown the DRV I’d imagine. You’ll need to get it repaired.


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