VESC NRF Hand Controller

@Maxid: Yep, this is reality.

Ok, the printer is a 6 year old Dimension Elite, so maybe the newer generations offer better quality. But the main difference and justification for the price is usability. You can send every part and every geometry in every orientation to this printer, it will automatically generate dissolvable supports and just print it without any need for tuning.

For these ABS parts I could have used acetone vapor, but at home I normally print PLA which can only be mechanically smoothed.

@TarzanHBK: Filler is on my ‘have to try list’ since since a long time but I always came over it… Any recommendations??

I´d go with Spraymax products. Especially this one for plastic parts:

Just like the uPrint. Actually the uPrint is the “workhorse” at work because it will simply never fail and will print everything you throw at it. We also have two leapfrog printers (a Xeed and Bolt) which supposedly have a way lower layer thickness of just 10um (uPrInt has 250um) - reality though is that they often struggle and the final result is worse than on the uPrint. We just recently had to upgrade to the uPrint SE when our original uPrint from 2007 died - quality wise I have not noticed any difference between the two - well the support material is a little easier to break off and dissolve but that is about it. Next time you need a new printer might give this one a shot :wink:

Edit: Just looked the dimension elite up and it is also from Stratasys :smiley: - I guess the actual difference is then more in the lines of printable size and speed. The Dimension Elite seems to be a bit more polished and faster than the uPrint.

Yep, you’re right. I guess they use pretty much the same technology and mechanics. It looks like the uPrint is the little brother of the Dimension.

@TarzanHBK: I’ll take a closer look, but I will go with 1K filler, because I usually have small parts.

yah you´re right with only one of these housings you´re better with 1k. Should go too with Spraymax :slight_smile:

Hi Duffman, how did you get the pins of the hex switch facing vertically? Did you cut the hex switch in the middle to get inner access and then bend them upwards.

Yes, I cracked the back cover off, sanded the plastic down, cut the pins and bent them to shape.

Hey man from Albuquerque, 5-Star-Rating for your build. Finally I made my own one, thanks.


Great build and nice finish! I love the mod with the thread inserts.

Did you already take it out for a ride? How do you like the feeling of it?

Ride outside is on my list … follows soon.

Hey @unik, did just out of curiosity a size comparison of my NRF remote and your Sparkle. Could have bet, that there was more difference in size:

would this work with the vesc-6?

I would think VESC 6 has the same UART communication protocol, but I am not 100% confident.

I mean it has an nrf chip I want to know if that works.

This is literally just a shell for the NunchuckRF that Benjamin built, which I believe is compatible with VESC6

The new firmware that runs on the VESC6 uses a new pairing method, so you need the newest firmware on the NunchukRF. I still have not tested it, because I like the pairing via hex switch, but it should run perfect with VESC6.


Thanks I might look into having those made then.

I would like to have a source for the nunchuck-pcb’s, would be nice if you could sell them seperate;)

I use a nunchuckRF with ESCape and it works as it should except the ws2812 light controls ( you need to change the firmware )

@chaka posted a link to osh park where you can get the pcbs cheap and easy:

For all other parts check the first post in this thread.