VESC Nunchuk RF

There isn’t much information on Vedder’s nunchuk RF floating around so I think it’s time we start a thread dedicated to the project. I made an order with OshPark and plan on documenting the build for everyone to follow.

Hardware: vedderb/nunchuk_rf_hw

Firmware: vedderb/nunchuk_mod

PCB’s on OshPark: NunchukRF_v51

Tri Wing Screwdriver: Google search


So that board replaces the board already inside the nunchuck? I dont get what they are doing exactly. What is the point of this board? Sorry if this is a dumb question… i just dont understand the project.

This pcb is designed specifically for the vesc so future developments will include an oled display, telemetry readout and other features.

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Hells yea. This sound sick!!

Hi chaka, will you be selling these in the near future?

The nyko kama is also hit and miss for some people. Frequent to intermittent to few random dropouts. This replace sounds much more robust

Depends if we can get zero drops. Those drop outs are unacceptable. If I do sell them they will be really affordable. Around the same price as a gt2b remote.


Thanks for sharing this @chaka I’ve hoped for more info on this development. I’ve recently (and reluctantly) given up on my Nyko Kama(s) with VESC. I love the form factor of the nunchuck, and “perpetual steez” is wonderful. But my experience has been that the Kama receiver just isn’t durable enough when connected to VESC. Both of mine have had intermittent dropouts after about 15 miles of ride time. It is zero fun to ride fearing that the connection will betray me at a critical moment! I’m hopeful that Vedder’s replacement will be an improvement.


@chaka do you sell the gt2b in the badwolf enclosure with receiver?

I do but it can be pricey for some. If you want to order a completed BadWolf mod from me it will cost $90. I use Shapeways for the enclosure and it isn’t cheap.

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Have some black Nunchuks ordered. Should stay looking nicer longer than white. I am building 3 total for testing on this first round.

The extra two have been spoken for already. If we get something useful I will consider building more for people who want one.

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Don’t forget to order a tri-wing screw driver!

this remote control is it going to be a PPM type output? or something else?

Looks great… Will be awesome once more people test it.

Nyko Kama + receiver itself seems to be the main issue. The 2.4ghz will be an awesome upgrade.

It’s cool too since we can actually use Wired Wii Nunchucks for this hack versus Nyko Kama’s not being as readily available anymore.

i’m stoked, hoping you’ll add these to your store soon enough chaka :slight_smile:

hoping you’ll have just the board like vesc and completed with nunchuck

so how did the testing go with the nunchucks you built?

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I should have the rest of the BOM and stencils this coming week. If all goes well I will post a pre-order thread to get a larger batch going.


How are you going with them?

I have successfully uploaded the firmware and have a single unit working and just received 9 more pcb’s from oshpark this morning. I have been so focused on the VESC project that I have not had as much time as I would like to fully test the nunchuk-mod. I would like to try and design a FHSS pcb for the nunchuk that could utilize the GT2B receiver. FHSS transceivers are much more expensive than the AFH transceivers used by bluetooth style transmitters so it may be more cost effective to just pull components off the GT2B to make this happen.

Or you can use FRSKY telemetry system -