Vesc old firmware ? Just bought it new

Just got my vesc. I connect it but once I click it a message pops up ???

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What VESC is it?(brand) And take a picture.

Got it from DIY electric skateboard

Which vesc tool are you using

Just recently? Make sure you are also supplying power from your battery pack.

Yeah, I bought a VESC from them in November and I had to update it too. No big deal though, I used VESC Tool and it went fine.

Yea. I have everything connected

Where can I get the tool

You should ask diy skate customer serivce

Idk. I downloaded it from a video tutorial on how to configure your vesc


Yea Ima have to wait on that tomorrow due to the fact I have no internet (live out in the country) & you need a computer too download that program. The frustration with this build is real :rage:

I had this error message before. Oddly try different USB cables. That worked for me

So I update the firmware but now my BLDC won’t connect with the vesc Here’s my vesc firmware if this helps

Is your computer detecting the VESC ? Go to the Connection tab (in the left menu). Refresh the list and see if a COM port has appeared. On my computer, it’s listed as COM 3

Yes it’s reading