VESC on an ebike from Sam and Niko's YT?

I just came back from watching this and some parts used in that video seemed veeeery familiar…

According to his description, that was a TORQUE VESC and a 6374 149kv motor. (he even had links to this website with some explanations about how VESC works hahah)

As soon as I saw this I immediately searched for any post related to this video by searching “Sam and Niko” or “VESC for ebike” and stuff but I didn’t seem to find anything.

My question as soon as watching this was: Is this an actual efficient solution to make an ebike?

EDIT: Efficient as in like is this solution actually functional + do its job for the extra price of a VESC

I know that there are certain ESCs that are meant for ebikes because as I searched for ESCs for my board I always found those “ebike” titles on the name, but is it better or worse to use a VESC? I am totally aware that VESCs are designed to be used in esk8s but again, if people like Sam and Niko do this type of stuff it just makes me curious if he actually did all the research behind this and ended up with this as his ultimate solution (Or he was basically a part of the community and just thought hey why not use these parts for a bike and use it for a video).

If you check my other post I just came to this forum a week ago to build my first esk8, and DIY electronics stuff is fairly new to me as well. I am curious of how actual DIY ebike systems work (maybe another website that I’m not aware of?) and maybe decide this for my next personal project!

So this is interesting, the guy in the video that they based the build on actually is using esk8 knowledge to build his ebike. His experience and the planning process truly makes me wonder if this is an actual great solution that is easy to understand from an esk8 builder’s perspective…

Lol welcome to… whenever the vesc was created…it’s not just for esk8 yah know :yum:

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I thought the vesc was designed for esk8 and others use esc?

A VESC is an ESC made by Vedder thus a VESC

Oh yeah I knew that name part thing, but huh thats weird, it’s probs cuz i watched too many build guides saying “the vesc is better than esc cuz its designed for esk8” sorta stuff.

Thanks though, I keep learning something every day in this forum. Love it so far!

It’s because the other ESCs are NOT designed for esk8, while the VESC was designed with esk8 in mind along with all the other stuff

That’s why some ESCs don’t have brakes in esk8…horrible throttle…etc

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Yup never mind it was the other way, other escs not designed for esk8 and vesc is esk8 friendly.

Damn when do i get out of the noob zone haha

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Car ESCs are the only ones with brakes, but it’s not designed for the heavy loads for an estate. That’s why they fail in the short term. You know you can make the cheapest CNC machine with the VESC.

um hello now i gotta see that shit