Vesc Or Motor Malfunction? Please help!

I have a LHB with that has been giving me this problem. I have the 12s Li-ion 43v and just swapped out 2 ollin vescs for 2 Vesc X hoping it would solve the problem, but it did not. LHB swapped out the vescs and it was working fine for about a mile. After I fully charged the board this problem began happening again. I tried switching around the motor wires that lead into the board and it worked again for about 10 seconds and then lost most power and went back to this again. I’m fairly new to this, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. In the video I am giving the board as much power as it can get.

Loose Phase wire?

I hope so, which one is a phase wire?

looks like your traction control is kicking in for some reason… I suspect something is up with the setup that is near the camera (motor pulley vesc)

Thanks for the advice, what do you suggest that I do? The motors seem to spin freely when they are not engaged.

Well, first having the vesc settings will help.

Next, you can disable the traction control on the master so you can know which side is being a douche bag.

Cool, thanks for the advice. I’m at work for a few more hours, but that will be the first thing that I do. I took off the belts after your comment, but I can’t get into the board until I get off work. What program would I use to read the Vesc Settings on a Enertion Vesc X? BLDC tool?

yes just need the bldc tool

I spoke with LHB he said “The problem looks like some kind of short, or possibly a loose CAN bus connection. I’m willing to bet its a loose wire.”

I don’t want to undermind LHB, but only one motor would be running if that was the case.

in this case both motors are running, but slowly, because one of the motors is being held back from the traction control. If you disable the traction control, one of your motors will run like it is supposed to and the other will be sluggish, then we work from there.

Thanks, your logic does make sense. I’ll be sure to check it out when I get off work. What I also don’t understand is how 2 separate sets of vescs can have the same problem.

I don’t have a solution, but just wanted to comment on my motor’s similar behavior

I bought a Raptor that had a physically damaged motor that did the same. After detaching the broken motor, the good motor did that same stuttering because of likely because of traction control.

You ever get it running?

yeah. once I disconnected the canbus cable and re-detected the motor with the single vesc, the motor act normal again. that’s how I would test your issue if it turns out not to be a simple loose cable. Test each motor on it’s own

Sounds good, I’ll try that once I get home.

If need be you can change over to a servo splitter instead of canbus. You will lose some functionality but people on the forum have better luck with it. I (nock on wood) have not had issues with canbus.

I’ll keep that in mind if I continue to have failures.

I cracked the board open and plugged one vesc x into the computer using the bldc tool to read. The first one read just fine and spun like it should. The second motor plugged into the same vesc was very fidgity and did not run properly. I also got a bad detection reading. If anyone has any ideas at this point let me know. I’m pretty new to this, but I’m thinking the problem may be the motor.

On the vesc that had the good detection, plug the other motor and do a detection again

One of the motors works great, but the other was giving me problems. It was not working at first. Then, it would work and when I would turn it a little the motor would shoot a spark and stop. It did that twice, but now it’s just working fine.