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VESC Ordering Sources

So I’m beginning to order parts and I’ve found the VESC at two places. At its more expensive but has a stated 3-4 week lead time, Enertion has a better price right now and seems to be in stock but also says the next batch is due April 15th. Does that mean that Enertion will not have any until April, or they still have some now but the next batch will be in April? Which source will get here quicker?

If you live in the U.S., then shipping is free if you’re ordering from @Chaka at Ollin Board Co. if I’m not mistaken. So if you take shipping into consideration, then they’d be about the same price. If you want the vesc sooner, then my guess would be to order from @Chaka.

Good to see enertion has dropped his prices! If you want a visual of what you will end up with here is a comparison photo another member posted earlier this week.


Theres only one place to get your VESCs. @chaka is where you need to order them from. Hands down the best customer service around!


Actually that’s a photo from three batches ago @chaka stop living in the past buddy or you will get left there.

For refereance this is the last batch;


For anyone interested, The new APRIL 2016 batch is now Made in US. As far as I am aware, it’s the first time the VESC will be made with strict quality controls meeting the IPC-610D-Class 2 Acceptance Criteria & RoHS Compliance.

If quality is important to VESC buyers I would first ask suppliers what strict quality control procedures they are adhearing to before buying.

I am also in talks with the US supplier about offering a 1 Year Guaranteed Replacement warranty to all US based customers.

Here is a video that helps explain a few things about the current & future status of VESC manufacturing.


NOW ONLY $98.77


It’s also important for VESC buyers to ask suppliers what kind of testing is being performed before shipping.

The VESC you got from @chaka was tested right? so why did it still fail you? do you have proof he actually tested it? maybe it didn’t get tested at all? what sort of testing is he actually doing?

At the end of the day a supplier can tell stories about how much they test everything, Does it mean their product cannot fail? You already know the answer.

Simply saying you test stuff doesn’t really make a difference… What’s important to the consumer is whether the person making a product is certified and trained to make quality consumer grade electronics that meet international quality standards…

That is why I am now getting the VESC made by people who have the necessary training & strict systems in place to ensure quality & meet international standards. To back this up I will be offering a 1 year replacement warranty if a product fails due to manufacturing faults. & Yes they will all be tested too!

I know you run the forum but you’ve harassed me privately for the so-called anti-Enertion nature of my posts ! ?

Dude, in my book that’s a serious breach of forum etiquette.
If you’re gonna harass people for what they write in their private messages or for posting their opinion, you’ll see people leave. But I guess that’s what you want, a pro-Enertion only forum, right ?

Obviousy you feel targeted by my comment. Please feel free to.

Please direct me to any of my posts that are not factual and objective so we can all judge.

Stop taking your customers for idiots dude.

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That is really a shocking message. But when I got it right in your warning thread which was directly closed he didn’t disagree that he is not reading other private messages. That would then confirm your finding.
I think that destroyed the confidence in @onloop a lot for many customers. For me the second negative experience after the PCB sending thing. :pensive:

I’m not going to comment any further on this. I’ve drawn my own conclusions based on facts.
It has never been my intention to damage Enertion, influence anyone else, just to share my user experience.
Please draw your own conclusions based on your own user experience.

Its standard practice not to directly engage with troll comments…

Are you seriously complaining about my offer of free VESC PCB’s…? Wow. That’s a low blow.

Anyway this has got nothing to do with you so please stay out of it.

I think when reading PMs of other person everybody who has written a PM on this forum is involved. So saying it has nothing to do with me is not correct. Strange that no other users here criticizes reading private messages.

Are you seriously complaining about my offer of free VESC PCB’s…?

As I mentioned in the other thread it was a great offer and a nice gesture of you, but based on your promise you couldn’t keep, the promise I did to other person (to share them in EU for shipping cost) was obsolete and these guys where pissed. (they where not on this forum so no PMs to read :joy:) I understand them, but being the guy who doesn’t keep promises is a bad feeling for me.